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Mnangagwa - the face of a pathetic coward!

19 Jan 2019 at 08:29hrs | Views
Do we all remember when we little children, and we could not sleep with the light off - otherwise, we would start seeing monsters and ghosts that were not there!

That shadow of that tree outside our window would suddenly look like a huge gruesome monster from the horror movie we had watched just before going to bed!

Or, the sound of the wind blowing would surely be that ghost we heard had so much about, which had been haunting the house next door that no one seemed too keen to stay in!

Similarly, the creeking and constant knocking on the roof was surely Jack the Ripper - we had read about at school that day - who had come to cut our heads off!

We would scream, and demand that we sleep with the lights on - if ever we managed to get any sleep at all.

Such was our cowardly life!

As I remember those days, one present day person comes to my mind - Zimbabwe president Emmerson Mnangagwa!

I have never come across a worse coward that this man - it is actually an insult to call him a man!

What type of a person sees ghosts every time people decides to protest his misrule?

He then starts crying out 'illegal regime change', and 'terrorism'! Seriously!

The Zimbabwe coward-in-chief then starts throwing around conspiracy theories of foreign 'super powers' plotting with the local opposition party and civil organisations to have him removed from power - just because he went on a visit to Russia!

Is this guy for real?

Why would any 'super power' - probably the United States of America - care if Zimbabwe becomes friends with Russia - especially, president Donald Trump, who would not care less whether Mnangagwa or Zimbabwe exists or not.

This conspiracy theory made me laugh my lungs out, them immediately felt sorry for such a cowardly leader - surely, he would believe that Trump would hatch a plan to have hundreds of people run amock throughout Zimbabwe so as to provoke the military into killing them, then orchestrate regime change, or have European Union sanctions on the country extended - just because Mnangagwa had visited Russia!

These would certainly be the rantings and delusions of a cowardly person.

The same person who would think the noises made by his contracting roof at night were the footsteps of Jack the Ripper!

What type of a coward would shoot to death over ten people, and injure hundreds more, just because they had run amock in the major cities?

I remember during Trump's inauguration in 2017, and there were widespread protests across the US - characterised by violence and the destruction of property - yet, he never went crazy and ordered the military to fatally shoot them.

In fact, those protestors when about largely unstopped - continuing and spreading  throughout the  country - yet, Trump assumed his presidency and continued without taking any action.

He was confident in himself, and knew that these protests would die out - sooner or later.

He did not cry out 'illegal regime change' or see the ghosts all over the place - although, unarmed police were deployed to keep the peace.

That is what a confident leader does.

Even our own former president Robert Mugabe was better!

In spite of his dictatorial tendencies, he never shit and killed any protestors, neither did he shutdown the internet.

The were numerous protests during Mugabe's era - but, the worse he ever did was beat up, tear gas, and water cannon the protestors.

Yet, come Mnangagwa, he deploys the miliatry to shoot and kill unarmed protestors - not just once, bit twice in a space of six months!

Mnangagwa has managed to kill more protestors in six months than Mugabe ever did in his entire 37 year tyranny!

That jus shows what manner of a coward Mnangagwa is!

Source - Taurai Pachena
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