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ED stop talking and start acting

19 Jan 2019 at 11:28hrs | Views
Just like in the era of Mugabe, the current government is doing it all again. The yardstick of success for our governments seems to lie on how many people become poorer than richer- in other words eradication of the middle class by downgrading. This incapacitation was used to lure voters through distribution of inputs that forces a bond of one with the government.

Essentially, they own you. We were literally made to be unsustainable or unself-relient but a bunch of beggers or hand clappers for a thank you - all with the aim of vote buying. This strategy was used to image the government as a people centred especially for the rural folks. Thus any opposition was an enemy. This was further exacerbated by sanctions that the government and ZANU PF took full advantage of by putting the blame on the opposition and the West as the instigators of the suffering of people while they become the victim and heroes of the day.

People did wake up and eventually gathered the strength to let the word "enough is enough" out loud. However, the cleansing process was not completed as we chose the 'less vicious enemy' clothed in a sheep's skin.

In actual fact, we choose the brains behind the success of the repressiveness of the past and yet we expect change in a positive manner.

Maybe we needed one more lesson and now we have it all in open. For sure this ANU PF government is there to continue rendering us the poorer among the poor, yet we have all the resources to uplift ourselves. We have to sit down and rethink our strategy, otherwise we shall continue to oppress one another at the government's advantage.

This government is a joke and clueless. Be warned Mr president that we will not let this anomisity prosper-it wont be allowed and we shall indeed put an end to this continued imposition of suffering among our citizens. Dont make your citizens suffer while you enjoy unneccessary comfort including luxuary jets.

There is no need for you to pretend otherwise, you are a president of a poor nation and show those that you visit the right image and not that of hiring private jets- they must be laughing at your insanity! We will not sit and continue to watch you unreasonably squander our wealth by yourself instead of channeling those resources to the most needy areas.

Lead the government by being examplary. As far as we are concerned you are not at all in solidarity with the suffering of the common. Mr. Emmerson D. Mnangagwa STOP TALKING AND START ACTING before its too late!

Source - Dr Takesure Tazvishaya
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