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Another Grace Mugabe in the making!

19 Jan 2019 at 16:08hrs | Views
So you are telling me that the whole acting president of the Republic of Zimbabwe failed to bring to an end the strike by the skilled labourers - I mean the junior doctors? But it took Auxilia a few hours to end the strike by the skilled labourers kkkkkkkk its very telling who is more powerful than the other.

Mapombi needs to be skilled though; does being first lady automatically makes one fits into government structures? I am not so learned saka ndibatsireiwo vehama because I am failing to understand it kuti the acting state president failed to end the junior doctors strike but Auxilia wouya woita meeting kuState House and suddenly the doctors resume operations, what kind?

I am a gentleman ndinofira kureva chokwadi nguva dzese; Auxilia proved beyond doubt that she is more powerful than the acting president. Yes, Kedha is powerless! Kkkkk do you still remember that young man from Zinasu who once warned Kedha that you can bleach your skin but not our nurses and doctors? Kkkkk kairotswa kamufana kaye karipiko ndimbokapa Coca-Cola kamwe – aaah by the way Mapombi cannot afford to buy it anymore because hanzi yava kudhura yoshura. I heard at one point Delta yakatomboti Coca-Cola yava kutengeswa nehard currency kuti zvizipe!

But why not allow Delta sell its products in hard currency when government wants citizens to pay duty for luxury vehicles in hard currency? ED said citizens should pay in hard currency kuti zvizipe so Delta should also charge in hard currency kuti zvizipewo futi.

In fact all retailers should be allowed to charge any currency of their own choice because it is the government that started to demand hard currency from citizens. Ko handiti muri kuti inonzi mu;lti-currency system her? Mapombi now knows that Kedha is not so intelligent; how can he say that we do not print US$ but the same government is demanding payment of vehicle duty in hard currency kuti zvizipe? Mr Kedha may you please work up and smell the coffee? Do citizen s print the US dollar?

No wonder why Auxilia proved more powerful than the acting president; but Mapombi can safely tell you that this is another Grace Mugabe in the making. Speed dzacho dzinoendera – the only difference is that the former was a Doctor, PhD, and uyu haasati adzidzawo to that level. Mapombi knows that very soon UZ will doll out one for her ko rinombonetsa here doctorate pachikomo chedzidzo within a mother Auxilia will be a doctor.

I would like to salute those who are trying to rebrand Auxilia; she has slightly changed from the one andaiziva kuChirumhanzu-Zibagwe uku; she mastered the soft-speaking concept very well. Keep it up Auxilia! Give her few years I tell you she will be exactly like Dr Gire; very powerful and would literally run this country takatarisa. At least we now know that she is more powerful than Chiwenga! We saw it all saka musandiitisa nharo zvenyu.

Anyway, can someone ask Mthuli – we want to know what is he doing to solve the current economic crisis? Civil servants have been reduced to beggars and they cannot afford to send their children to boarding schools. There paltry salaries they are receiving are not enough pay school fees for one child. Prices of goods and services are going up every day and there is no explanation for that; why nhai Mutuvi?

Mapombi thought since ED was forced to abandon his leave, he would come and solve the economic challenges bedeviling our nation but things even got worse atodzoka kudaro kkkkkk kutozosvika pakutuma mukadzi kuti taurawo nema junior doctors, aka skilled labourers according to Chiwenga!

Mapombi heard ED is flying to East Europe to try and sign more mega deals but I can assure you nothing will come out of that. Ndopika namai vangu kudai hapana chinouyiwa nacho. ED has betrayed a lot of Zimbabweans who had expected that he would improve the economic situation in the country.

In fact, many people now understand what Mugabe meant when he said there was no suitable successor amongst his deputies; kamudhara kaye kaireva chokwadi wena! We have a serious leadership crisis as a nation.  Mapombi no longer agrees with suggestions that ED is intelligent….hee hee give him a chance.

Zviri nani titopa zvedu Auxilia nyika yacho nekuti anoedza kugadzirisa zvinhu chero zvazvo pasina chinobuda – at least on paper the doctors are back at work thanks to her efforts. Those few doctors sympathetic to government are the ones who resumed work, of course.

Anyway, it's almost lunch time let me go ndindokanga zvangu maputi angu and look for rotten bananas. Things are getting tough every day to an extent that even smart people are eating from the dirty rubbish bins. Yes, come to Chitima market so that you can see it for yourself. People are struggling. Where is Mphoko by the way? Tell him he now has a friend in Mthuli Ncube. Hanzi Mthuli ari kugarawo muhotera kubva zvaakapiwa basa nevakomana vechinhu chedu. But Mphoko was a better VP kwete zvana Kedha izvi. Mboko imboko!

Source - TellZim
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