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Zimbabwean President surrounded by vultures masquerading as patriots

21 Jan 2019 at 17:56hrs | Views
There has been serious abuse of political power and government by individuals who are surrounding the president. People have worked their way to the top in order to oil their pockets and mouths.  This  shows a dangerous shift of priorities of the party and Government from real issues, like the the welfare of the common man destruction of the environment, corporate welfare, loss of funding for education, military spending waste, and the shortage of money in the country.

Perhaps the media is partially responsible. Most local news services do not cover the corruption and general decay of the economy.   many have expressed their dismay at the  misuse of government power and funds and the failure to bring the culprits to book. Especially where a person abused funds and claims it was used for party duties. This flagrant extortion of the party is irresponsible and careless.  The results of such clever for nothing antiques only serves to give the party a wrong name and a wrong face. It alienates the people from their party.

To show that the president is surrounded by vultures and vampires who are after his blood and pretend to be serving him every criminal in the party prophecies to love the president with undying love. They claim to do all their treachery in the name of the president. The delay in dealing with them vindicates their treachery.  
The real victim in this case is the party and the people.
There are many bigger problems to work on, rather than peddling details about one's private life or political beliefs and labelling another person a factionalist.

When those in decisive positions use their office to turn a private personal encounter into a major waste of party's money, it must be for a reason. Obviously, their motive is purported to be Truth, yet it's pretty obvious that the party disciplinary process makes it a political power play. Once again, their greed is revealed. The untold truths of the those who claim to be working for the president and cause far more damage to the country and the party. Shouldn't the party get out of bed with thieves and get back to working for the common people?

The so called faithfuls have done tremendous damage to the productivity of the government. This is a far greater damage to the integrity of the government and the party.

Preserving the institution of the law in this case has become the red flag of the greedy politicians, when in the everyday lives of the people, it looks like a lynch mob. When the government spends huge amounts of time and money on such people it shows a disrespect of the common people and the real issues.

The party must Get back to the real work, in the cause of the common people, not political party survival only.
Create in people a new life and confidence by tackling corruption head on. We have multitudes of capable people. The government must not be held hostage by those hiding behind tribalism and factions. Those who steal from people in this economic climate are treasonous bigots.

We must develop inter party unity to solve the national problems
Stop corporate destruction of the economy and bring those to book who deserve justice. The fear of being exposed shows that we are under siege from ourselves.

The fact that a person has done well yesterday must not give that person the power to destroy us.

The legacy of the president is at the risk of being trashed by the greedy cruel deadwood surrounding him.
The economy is bleeding to death and shameless leaders are busy showing off what they have stollen.
We now have a problem where junior officers are stealing in order to outdo the seniors.  

Without a successful prosecution of only a few our country will soon be on its knees.
The behaviour of some of the leaders makes all wonder if they have the party at heart let alone the country.
The ministers que up to mislead the president  on the state of the economy. If this is not treasonous then what is.  
If we are to fix our economy we need to shed the dead wood the criminals and face the problems with courage and vigour.  
Yes some will be highly offended by this article but hey your anger is insignificant as compared to the welfare of the country.

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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