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Beware booking Eagle Liner Coaches online

by Citizen
22 Jan 2019 at 19:41hrs | Views
On the 19th of January 2019, a ticket was bought for me from South Africa to board a Eagle liner coach from Harare to Joburg for 10 a.m and unfortunately I missed 10:00 a.m departure time. I had earlier tried to call them and the phone listed on their website and google is according to them the number for Eagle Liner showgrounds in Harare. I even sent smses no one responded and if they did surely we could have made arrangements for them to wait as I was late for just 20mins or they could have added another passenger in my place.

I immediately requested they place me in the next available bus and the answer was a solid no. If I wanted to travel with them then I will have to pay the full fare. I spent hours sitting waiting for a response from both South Africa and Zimbabwe trying to negotiate they put me in another bus and the answers from both sides were solid no's.  I spoke to the lady manager at Roadport who was as arrogant as ever who kept saying "I should not waste my time no remained no". I then requested for a refund the answer was still no.

As a Zimbabwean resident based in South Africa and coming from Chinhoyi with the cash crises in Zimbabwe I don't know why Eagle Liner would even consider having draconian term like "No refunds and no placement into another coach should you be left behind". It's like saying your money is with us scr*w you. Companies like Intercape will simply rebook you into the next available space even old school buses like Munenzwa, First Class, Tombs Motorways no matter where you are headed will still book you into the next available bus. For crying out loud in the event a Zimbabwean bus has a breakdown other companies plying the same route usually assist by carrying some of the passengers free but big old Eagle Liner wont carry even their own passenger in the event of such an occurrence.

Humans are not invincible we may face challenges in the event that happens a prominent bus company like them should as least be considerate. To fellow Eagle Liner customers its either you are on time or you pay double. To be safe rather avoid online bookings with Eagle Liner as they wont be any other option so long as money is in their pockets scr*w you.

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Source - Citizen
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