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Desperation sometimes leads to desperate decisions

24 Jan 2019 at 13:57hrs | Views
When former President Robert Mugabe resigned, there was an overpowering excitement from across the political divide. For once, Zimbabweans appeared to be united.

The opposition, particularly the MDC and Joice Mujuru's NPP among others, were there at Zimbabwe grounds where the war veterans gathered the masses to begin their march to State House in demand of Cde Mugabe's resignation. They all attended the initial inauguration of President Emmerson Mnangagwa after he was chosen by his party, in line with the Constitution, to finish Cde Mugabe's term.

Little was it known that the excitement from the opposition political parties that accompanied the departure of Cde Mugabe was stemming from a delusional anticipation and a grave political miscalculation. It appeared like all Zimbabweans were celebrating together the dawn of a new dispensation that would disentangle the country from the economic doldrums it has been in for close to two decades. The MDC came short of calling for the removal of sanctions in in their entirety.

It is only coming out now that the opposition had thought that the successor of Cde Mugabe was weak. They saw in President Mnangagwa, a weak President that they were to effortlessly white-wash in the 2018 harmonised election. Theirs was a celebration of a weaker candidate who would give Nelson Chamisa the presidency in a silver platter. They thought the reign of Zanu PF had gone with Cde Mugabe from whom they had failed to wrestle power since 2000.

Little did they know that Zanu PF had emerged stronger after the events of November 2017. In Shona they say unosekerera n'anga neinobata mai. They celebrated for an individual who was to give them a solider hiding. Indeed they were thrashed in the July 31 election.  Even their benefactors were traumatized. That marked the genesis of abhorrence against President Mnangagwa.

It was after the elections that President Mnangagwa was even rated as worse than his predecessor regarding governance issues, the upholding of democracy and rule of law. They have realised that the President is stronger than his predecessor. They have come to realise that as long as he is in existence, their delusional journey to State House will never be accomplished. This explains why they are resorting to other nefarious means to get power.

The recent spate of violent demonstrations is one such an avenue that the MDC and its associates in the civic society attempted to employ to unconstitutionally ouster a legitimate government. The country lost not only five lives in the vicious protests but several millions worth of properties.
Unfortunately the world deliberately chooses to wink at the destruction done by the MDC yobs. Innocent shop proprietors were pauperised overnight after the hoodlums looted their wares. Innocent motorists and passengers were extorted at illegal check points mounted on major roads from the city. A police officer died in the hands of the cold-hearted ruffians.

With all this, a respected commission such as the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC) was not expected to produce a weighted report.

Having discovered that walloping President Mnangagwa in an election is not a stroll in the park, they are now considering recolonizing Zimbabwe. On Tuesday, a United Kingdom lawmaker, Lord Adrian Palmer called on the British government to consider recolonizing Zimbabwe on the pretext of protecting its citizens.

As the violent removal of the constitutionally elected government through riotous protests failed, thanks to the vigilant and capable security services, the next move was colonisation. Whatever that Lord is smoking, he must be reminded that Britain surrendered the title deeds of Zimbabwe after a long-drawn-out fight. It is not like they donated Zimbabwe to Zimbabweans.

For effectively thwarting attempts to brutally overthrow the elected Zanu PF government, the security services are now being demonised. Social media is awash with false reports of alleged brutality purportedly perpetrated by the security services. Government is therefore vindicated for temporarily restricting access to social media which had become a toxic tool in the plot to revolt against government.

A desperate force does anything including the most puerile and laughable action. External ‘heavies' such the DA party of South Africa and the UK Time party of UK have been hired to fight in the corner of the MDC. There is an attempt to report Zimbabwe to the International Criminal Court which Zimbabwe does not even subscribe to the values of this court which only save the capitalist interests. There is even a swelling pressure for African states to exit this body which has been used to selectively pick on them (African countries).

The DA urged South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa to intervene. Ironically, President Ramaphosa took Zimbabwe's fight on sanctions to Davos where he demanded the removal of the embargoes in their entirety. Unfortunately he is now being persecuted by the same people he is fighting for. Zimbabweans are sometimes their own enemies.

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Source - Tafara Shumba
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