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'Mnangagwa's call for dialogue was a trap'

24 Jan 2019 at 20:33hrs | Views
When Mnangagwa arrived in Zimbabwe after a tumultuous week of revolting by the peoples of the so called Zimbabwe, he immediately shifted the mindset of the gullible and politically feeble minds. He announced that a national dialogue is on the offing so that a solution is found for handling the country's future. By design of the political desperation ingrained in some political movements in the country, a multitude of articles, letters and behind the scenes maneuvers came to life. Obviously the expectations are that the EDfee idea must come to fruition so that, a kind of GNU is born or a Transitional Authority of some sort which will absorb some hungry vultures who are hovering around the Zanu pf government can at least get to pilfer their hands in the Zanu pf gravy. To position themselves, so much talk from those quarters has emerged.

Judging by the cunning nature of zanu pf, the proposal was meant to do several things, chief among them, to arrest the strategies of the opposition who wanted to take advantage of the peoples' revolution to cultivate their existence and relevancy. Now the opposition-have abandoned their strategic activities and are planning, strategizing, brainstorming on how they may outmaneuver zanu pf and be part of the new authority that will emerge out of the zanu pf initiated dialogue. So by being glued to such a position, they are arrested to a hope of a dialogue and how the new authority should look like. What a shame.

The other deduced idea out of the proposed dialogue, is that it has shifted attention sharply to focusing towards that direction and influenced to abandon their strategic plans. That is ZANU PF's cunning arrest of the opposition politics, which decapitated PF ZAPU in 1987, devalued MDC in 2009 and rendering the hopes of the peoples' useless.

Parading the army everywhere in urban centers is another zanu pf effort to instill fear in the peoples so that there are no future revolts of a similar magnitude by the peoples. As reported, people are running away from their homes to unknown destinations. Peoples are dispersing because of the fear as the security personnel of the country is well known for their heinous human rights violations. No one can defend them now, but the opposition wants to speak on the perceived wins that this peoples' revolution brought.

Zanu pf has set a notion of dragging time in the guise of finding a solution to the problems bedeviling the country while at the same time proving that the opposition parties are an empty lot. That strategy turns the peoples who had hoped that the opposition will succeed in dislodging zanu pf from power but now are realising that the opposition parties have no capacity to do so.

By failing to take a decisive action, the opposition will be decimated by zanu pf and rendered useless. This happened during the last GNU between zanu pf and MDC. The latter helped shape the country to a certain extent and that stability that ensured reassured zanu pf of another prolonged stay in power, which happened. So falling into the trap of a national dialogue, the opposition is ensnaring themselves while on the other they will have solved their problems by getting along on the gravy train of zanu pf.

The desperation of the opposition is evidenced from their rhetoric that is posted on their social media accounts. They have failed to read the mood of the people and that of zanu pf. What has just happened recently, the revolt by the people, was a spontaneous reaction to mis-governance. That is evidenced by the rowdy behaviour of the people who, instead of going for the real targets, they looted shops. That on its own is criminal and zanu pf in retribution, are using the law to brutalise the people under the guise of punishing looters or criminals.

If there was a leadership responsible for the revolt, we would be talking another language now. We would be discussing that the disposed regime had become a God over the peoples who are purported to have voted it and the peoples dislodged it. So the Zanu pf proposal for a national dialogue must be interrogated objectively and be approached with suspicion, not the zeal espoused by the desperate legion of political parties who contested zanu pf in their last elections and lost ( fairly or unfairly) and now they see a fissure which will help them get romped in, and partner zanu pf in the decapitation of Mthwakazi and Zimbabwe.

What the peoples did, was a clean revolt which the enemy demoted to a protest. A protest by and large is an expression of strong disagreement with something whereas a revolt is a protest against authority especially that of a government and often involves violence. So what happened in Zimbabwe was a revolt not a protest, period. Had it not been a revolt, heavy security handed approaches which led to deaths and still the presence of heavily armed security spells out that what happened was a revolt, not a protest.

As Mthwakazi Liberation Front (MLF), the philosophical road map is all about the RESTORATION of MTHWAKAZI and any dialogue should be directed towards that route, kwaphela nje!!!

Source - MLF
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