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Who ever is running Mnangagwa's Twitter page should replace George Charamba

04 Feb 2019 at 14:34hrs | Views
Everytime the Presidental spokes person speaks one feels like there are listening to a heartless despot. A person who gives a clear impression the government has never done wrong and can never do wrong. A person who can never ever advise the president positively. George Charamba actually sounds worse than Mnangwagwa.

Charamba vilifies the very people the state is supposed to protect and continues uttering barf and with people like him at the helm of the country the citizens will hate ZANU PF and Mnangagwa more and more.

I watched him on Capitalk and couldnt help feel the country is in very dangerous hands. After Mnangagwa got us to dream again Jojo clearly reminds us that in Zimbabwe zvirotozviroto (dreams are just dreams). The security forces went door to door assaulting people, most of them innocent people and not a single day did i hear anyone from the government apologising except the person who runs the presidents twitter page.

Whoever the PR person is he or she clearly represents a president we would desperately like to see and have. Thats person represents a Zimbabwe we desperately want to have. The nation needs healing the nation needs to be brought together but with people like George in front the moment he opens his mouth all hope dries up fast. If you marched to remove Mugabe when George Charamba speaks you feel like a victim, betrayed, you feel dumb, ashamed and completely misled.

We have just been through hefty fuel hike, Mr President, we need comfort we need people who think for others, considerate people, humble people. We need patriotic people. The voice of the people was the voice God what happened to that. The only person who ever sounds sincere is the PR person/s running the social media pages. If its indeed one of your children i think he or she should replace Charamba quickly.

Zimbabwe does not need spin doctors currently, Zimbabwe needs a good image of a government that respects human rights and not just human rights business rights. A government different from yesteryear. I know of people who have been willing to pour millions into Zimbabwe for one Zimbabwe has less crime, but wait you are most likely to be a victim of bodily harm by security forces than civilians. Thats the impression out there. Does George and company stop to think about this i dont think so.

I am actually suprised when people say this regime is being more and more like Mugabes. I would say this one is worse. You may ask why? Mugabe after gukurahundi never deployed soldiers again because of the atrocities and massacres they caused here in Matebeleland. It was a lesson that Zimbabwe was supposed to keep unless the government's priority is its grip on power and nothing else.

For the 1st time in decades after people marched against Mugabe, Zimbabwe looked like it was going in the right direction. We had hope. After all we all blamed Mugabe, right? All that is proved wrong with the presence of people like Charamba. He clearly gives a notion that citizen's should tore the line, agree with everything the government says or does or else whip them into line.

The notion that our police are so weak they cannot do anything without the army keeps battering our country's image. That decision is a nightmare to a country looking for investment. Seeing soldiers everywhere in the capital city is a disaster for a democratic country. We are not at war? If we are then government clearly indicates the POVO are the enemiea. In Mugabe times no soldier was allowed to go around wearing army uniform. It was treasonous. It had consequences.

The biggest mistake Mnangagwa made was still surround himself with the likes of Charamba. The way the Charambas think and conduct themselves is the very thing that got bob out of power with the blessings of the whole country. I wonder why Grace hated him?

Yes jojo speaks very good english but does he even stop to think? Zimbabwe needs investors who will invest in Zimbabwe when there is news worldwide where he says the security forces where justified in what they did. Really? A woman was shot pushed in a wheelbarrow in full glare of the world not once did the government apologise. Not once did the very considerate loving mai Mnangagwa visit the wheelbarrow woman in to show her support, amai venyu ava. If the government is as sincere did anyone visit the wheel barrow woman? We were all touched seeing her in such a situation, was the government touched? If they were did anyone even call the woman as she is one person we all saw and did anyone try get her side of the story in order to act appropriately. Did Police spokes person Charity Charamba who works 7 blocks away from Parirenyatwa as a police spokes person bother to go hear from the horse's mouth than give press conferences with information supplied by the perpetrators of the violence.

One thing people in ZANU PF forget is the country is in a dire situation. No amount of spindoctoring will ever get us out of this quagmire. If the president has a spokes person like the PR company running his twitter (I so wish its one of his kids) and starts being advised along those lines and acts along those lines there will be hope after all. It is the change not only Zimbabweans are in desperate need for its the change the world will support. We will support the president if Mnangagwa starts acting like his twitter/facebook account.

Source - Tese Pese
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