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Criminals around Mnangagwa and Chamisa derailing Progressive politics

04 Feb 2019 at 21:39hrs | Views
This documentary will enlighten those who may think decisions are done in standing committees or politburo, the debacle is wider and beyond your imagination. The good part about President Mnangagwa and Advocate Chamisa is that both assumed Presidency recently and they can redeem themselves if they take heed to good advice.  Boardroom cliques and kitchen cabinets is the order of the day. The nature of Zim politics is different from case studies. It is imperative and narrative,  centered on individualism and decisive politics. You would be surprised that in certain terms one may announce things prepared already. Money and wealth speaks volumes. You may be surprised that President Mnangagwa may not even be issue, or even Advocate Chamisa in some of the key decisions, it evolves people around them who do major decisions. What matters most in these key and popular institutions is who does key major decisions. You may even be surprised that some of the key decisions done by the State may be done by a small clique. What matters most is to make bold decisions for national interest sake. In every party there is a cabal of people who have well-oiled machinery with critical economic and political interests. The most people who worry about winning the ticket for presidency, may not be even the President but the cabal and clique around them. Those are the people who determine certain events and key major decisions and such decisions can either affect the party or the nation. I can give you a practical example that in States, presidency is controlled by the wealthiest people, money speaks volumes in key major decisions. Basically what is important is for one to determine who is around you, it's either they can dent your presidency or they can build you.

What President Mnangagwa should have done when he assumed Presidency

When ED assumed presidency he should have come up with an inclusive approach which was going to create a good legacy. He was supposed to have created the best out of the military coup in November 2017. It was an opportunity to redeem himself politically. Historically Mnangagwa was viewed as a bad element, even some within his movement were not comfortable to have him at the top. What people expected when they led the November march, was an inclusive arrangement which would usher in a new era of politics and development. It came as a surprise when Chinamasa announced that it was an in-house thing, change chiri chinhu chedu that is when decisive politics began. During that period he was supposed to take advantage of a healing and reconciliation process. Even the elections were going to be easier for him to win. So my assumption is there was pressure from certain forces who were not comfortable to have an inclusive arrangement. President Mnangagwa must be careful of people surrounding him, this will led to Mugabe debacle where he was ousted in an embarrassing way. He must preserve his legacy. I thought even the advisory council was supposed to involve civic leaders, opposition members, policy advisors and even young turkey. The mentality of inclusive approach must be the order of the day.

Chinhu chedu mantra

It was a disappointment to listen to Former Minister of Finance Patrick Chinamasa announcing that chinhu chedu, meaning it was all about Zanu PF, and this was regrettable and unfortunate statement coming from a well-respected politician. Chinamasa was viewed by many as a sober guy, level headed and mature, his statement was expressed by public displeasure and it was provocative considering that Zimbabwe was taking a new path in politics and development. These are the same old guard housed at Jongwe house still feeding the President with "the chinhu chedu mantra". It's not about politics but development. It is high time, when the President is supposed to bring everyone together on board, and work with everyone. Elections are over and it is high time development must be the heart of Zimbabwe. Few elements may be on a war path to destroy the image of the Government by bringing in wrong advice. Chinhu chedu means "it's our own" meaning they are gate keepers and no one is allowed closer to it except when you are certified. My question then would be, why did the opposition, civic society, civil servants, academics, policy makers marched on November 17, 2017? Food for thought. When elections are over it is no longer MDC or Zanu PF, but it is about sovereignty and progressive politics in Zimbabwe. There is a danger by shielding chinhu chedu, because when it implodes the very same people who were saying chinhu chedu won't be there to rescue the sinking ship. People are quick to change the boat when it's sinking, they easily switch on to the other side. The very same people who call it "chinhu chedu" are there to protect the loot and continuing eating whilst the rest languish in poverty.

The Chamisa Chete chete mantra

I have discovered something in life, those who major on the chete chete theme, its either they are creating their own cabal to loot, or they want to use the Chamisa chete chete mantra so that they won't be suspected that they are infiltrators bend on using decisive politics and fielding their own candidates. You will never believe them once they use the chete chete, they will be shielding their wicked ways so that Advocate Chamisa won't even be suspicious of anything. They create enmity between Chamisa and the party loyalists, therefore by defining the route which the alliance should take. They make sure that they are in charge of key strategic positions, but if you dig in, you discover these are very enemies of Chamisa and they are the ones who made him loose most of the seats in parliament. He failed to garner 2/3 thirds majority in Parliament mainly because of these cabals who used the chete chete mantra to ensure they impose candidates and put their own people to safeguard their positions. Criminals will always use decisive ways that you will never believe and thought of them. Many seats were lost due to criminals who were busy imposing their own people, feeding Chamisa with wrong information that they want to remove you at congress. This worked to the advantage of Zanu PF and there by grabbing most of the seats. Chamisa could have done better in the parliamentary, and this is the same cabal that will detect the 2023 movement and candidate selection. The ship will continue sinking and sinking until one is in the political dustbin. For example in Goromonzi West, the Energy Mutodi constituency, MDC fielded two candidates and Mutodi narrowly won and he was rewarded by a ministerial position. They you are Nelson Chamisa. Boardroom politics.

The tapinda tapinda crew

This is a team of people found in every political party. They can either deal with you decisively, they are ready even to kill to save their loot, and protect their own territory. You would find that when a ever a president of a political party comes in, the same crew will fight hard to be visible in the party, they position themselves very well and they are ready to deal with anyone who does not sing the same tune from the same hymnbook. It is unfortunate they don't have strategic advice they give, their focus is on the loot and they can even fight themselves in the jungle just to save the titanic from sinking. What matters most to them is feeding from the trophy and ensuring their positions are safe.

My advice to both leaders, is be careful of people surrounding you giving you day to day advice. You can lose your dignity and legacy with such people. Your focus is people first. It would be ideal for the two leaders to meet and discuss the way forward for the country. Elections are over, this is the time for development. The nation is waiting for answers and it would be ideal to go the KENYAN WAY, were leaders pave way for progressive politics and development. When all is done, we are Zimbabweans. God bless you all.

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo is an academic writer & Policy maker. He is a leading consultant in the area of Project Management and Head of Global Institute of Policy Analysis and Research (GIPAR). He is studying Doctoral degree in Philosophy studies and he can be contacted at

Source - Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo
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