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National dialogue to promote national building

07 Feb 2019 at 13:26hrs | Views
The resolve by President Emmerson Mnangagwa, for all political parties in the country to come together and come up with a framework for national dialogue should eventually unite political parties towards the agenda of national building.

Zimbabwe has been facing challenges emanating from political differences especially after elections and during the recent stay away which resulted in loss of human life and property worth millions of dollars as well as further drifting the country away from path of international reengagement.

All political parties that fielded candidates in the 30 July 2018 harmonised elections have come to the realisation that they all belong to one Zimbabwe hence they have began the process of  dialogue ensuring that the country moves forward regardless of political differences.

The dialogue not only requires political parties but also requires all other stakeholders be it from civil society groups or the church to be active in contributing towards issues that they see pertinent in addressing the progression of the Zimbabwe's economy.

Explaining the positivity of the national dialogue, yesterday at the State House during a meeting to come up with a framework for the national dialogue, The Herald on 07 February 2019, stated that President Mnangagwa, mentioned that Zimbabweans owed it to themselves to raise their country higher up the pecking order of nations.

The President emphasised that outsiders should only come in to assist Zimbabwe but the major accountability for the country's advancement remained with Zimbabweans, and that the national dialogue must encompass the meaning of sovereignty, being the responsibility for the success of our country without external influence.

As clearly spelt out by the President, true peace should never be imposed from outside, but it should come from within our own society, and it should be nurtured by Zimbabweans through the national dialogue which they would have taken part in through honesty and mutual respect.

Zimbabwe heavily depends on the success of the national dialogue to ensure it comes up with home grown solutions that have the interests of Zimbabweans at heart. The President at State House also noted that his hopes were in the inaugural dialogue by all political parties to provide a firm foundation upon which Zimbabweans together and without unwarranted foreign interference, would build the Zimbabwe they all want.

Various positive sentiments on the same dialogue have been expressed on social media.
On his twitter handle the Deputy Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Energy Mutodi said that the dialogue on cards should reveal clearly those who are in support and expose those who are not in support of it and would want to remain benefiting from the chaos and fighting. The Minister emphasized that calls for conducting a national dialogue by President Mnangagwa had shown political maturity and true statesmanship. The snubbing of the national dialogue by MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa recently had exposed him as a political novice.

An MDC T official on its twitter handle twitted a message congratulating #Team Zimbabwe for taking the necessary steps to rebuild Zimbabwe in their diversity, it also urged politicians to put their political jackets aside and converge on ideas which should bring forth lasting solutions to resolve the crisis in Zimbabwe. We will indeed save Zimbabwe from doom, the message also read.

Source - Derick Tsimba
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