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SADC a toothless bulldog

13 Feb 2019 at 15:22hrs | Views
Sadc as a regional body presiding  over issues of the member countries must up their game if they want to remain relevant in this new political era.

It's high time African youths come together and confront the elephant in the room. They must take charge of this organisation  and make it a modern one This cannot continue forever. What caused them to take arms is now calling us now.

Let's face it the Organization of African Union and the Southern African Development  Community have never been our friends.

Zimbabwe must fight for their our own freedom. None but ourselves will set our beautiful  nation free. God bless Zimbabwe.

These organisations are only real in history , nothing practical about them. I do wonder what exactly dialogue with the stakeholders has the government started initiating so far,  according to the letter published by SADC?

So that means SADC has only one ear to incline  and does not bother to question ,  interrogate and investigate the root cause of the problem.  This organisation is proving to be a useless old people's indaba a  bunch of crooked leaders who always want to advance their political interests. Sadc is just worsening things. They can't solve a problem. What purpose does this organisation serve? The tea party. The hurried tea party. What was exactly  deliberated at the Summit? Their natural mode is to preserve their brotherhood and nothing more.  How many times have been Sadc  blundering on solving  African issues. It's a shear waste of time. It is just as good as engaging Zanu PF, they want to be always winners and do not want to accept  defeat. They think alike. Never you will  be wasting  your time.

If we closely look at that  letter, it was not balanced and did not even addressed the challenges facing the country where the problems emanated from. We are past that stage, they have won the battle and those against what's happening need to strategize against continued actions of this  We should be confrontational  and put more  pressure to a regime which does not want to change.

Several times the opposition wanted to engage with the ruling  party but they use security  forced to twart all the efforts. You don't engage with SADC and be successful. They will always push you to the corner and take advantage of your weaknesses.

It was Tsvangirayi  who had to fight from the corner and had no option but to give in after they cornered him. Sadc will never be at the people side but just for a few canals. We should read that script well. Come hell come thunder SADC  will remain a biased organization.

The mistake the President is making is that he is expending political capital on the already converted. SADC and the African Union have always, they cannot fool we, the people' and those who have real money. President  Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa is right where Mugabe was. The untenable position of blaming and fighting with the countries that he needed to charm and win over. The 'new dispensation' mantra continue to unravel. The economy is sinking the country's political atmosphere is toxic. The prices of basic  ommodities are rising up on daily basis. No solution in sight.

He is yet to achieve something and the challenges are even coming harder on him. The problems he inherited from the former President Robert   Mugabe are mounting rather than receding.

The so called second republic and the Zimbabwe is open for business seems suffering a stillbirth. Those of us who danced all night at the demise of the Mugabe regime are now licking  wounds. People were duped to believe that the old Mugabe dispensation was causing all these problems not knowing that its a system which needed to be completely changed starting from the grassroots up to the top.

The people paid the debt that they could not owe. It was an early shower to celebrate Mugabe's downfall. We should now draw lessons from a fig tree. Not all of its fruits are good if you see them. Some are rotten inside and some are good. We never gave ourselves time to read well the unfolding drama and to have a critical analysis. Since the new dispensation took power, we have seen a number of people dying not due to natural causes. Our people have been bruised, our sisters raped and our friends have lost their beloved ones and SADC did not even raise a finger. That is the sad reality of our Zimbabwe today.

Sadc is a just a toothless bull dog and we don't expect it to solve any regional challenge.  We all know how the bloc was formed and came into existence. We can't be fooled again. That is why they didn't deliberate on anything serve for photoshopping,  drinking tea and having some snacks.

We cannot spend our time or energy trying to convince a monolithic organisation like SADC. Its like trying to persuade President Emmerson Mnangagwa  to resign like now.

We can't be fooled again neither to engage with that bloc. We should read that script well. We cannot engage Sadc to solve this Zimbabwean problem even the Western or Continental bloc cannot help. Engaging  Sadc right now is like asking the politburo to criticise Zanu PF. It is as good as expecting expecting Dynamos Football Club  to beat FC Barcelona at Nou Camp Stadium. Engaging Sadc at this juncture is a shear waste  of time and resources.

When did Sadc solved regional challenges successful? It was only the time when Sir Ian Serene Khama was the Chairman, the bloc at least showed some biting teeth and condemned  all sorts of human abuse and undemocratic practices. Whe Khama left the bloc was left a vacuum.  When we say SADC we do not mean the people but the organisation. We would rather try to draw  water from a stone than approach SADC with a political problem. Sadc is a group of looters who are nicely  dressed in designer suits and masquarading as politicians.

The people predicted exactly what was going to happen, when President Emmerson  Mnangagwa  hurriedly called for a dialogue with the opposition. He deceived the opposition  by pulling a fake dialogue with the intention of sending a word to Sadc that he is in serious  talks with members  of the opposition  parties. He wanted  his presentation at Sadc to be accepted and appear to hold water.

Unfortunately some members of the opppsition parties who lost in this last election were cornered and were like sheep being led into a slaughterhouse . They were simply bribed  with tea, biscuits and snacks and then stampeded into a photo shoot.

He wrote his presentation that 99% of Zimbabwean opposition are united with Zanu PF with a video and pictures and  Sadc did not need to hear anyone else because the Presidebt had pretended as if he was representing opposition and Zanu PF. It is saying  Zimbabwe has engaged with the stakeholders ,meaning Thokozani Khupe, Nkosana Moyo, Brian Mteki et al.

If we closely look at that Sadc Communique it mentioned that sanctions were imposed in early 2000 which is very wrong. It shows the organisation did not even bother to verify whether  Emmerson Mnangagwa was saying the truth or not. Only the young determined, vibrant and focused  youths will rescue this sinking ship.

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