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Regional support thwarts regime change agenda

14 Feb 2019 at 10:46hrs | Views
Zimbabwe has recently been on an onslaught from the West, who have been using local opposition parties and Non-Governmental Organisations in attempts to destabilise the country. The actions of the opposition, particularly MDC and some notable NGOs have clearly pointed out to Western sponsored and influenced regime change agenda.

As President Mnangagwa mentioned in his interview with France24, regime change attempts are not new as this has been happening in the country for the past 18 years. Western countries involvement has not been peculiar to Zimbabwe but to most African countries, as they thrive to exercise dominance over developing countries.

Against these machinations, Zimbabwe has received commendable support from regional bodies and Heads of States that value and identify with sovereignty and self-determination. The recent support that the country received was through SADC Chairperson and Namibian President, Dr Hage Geingob. In a communique, the SADC Chair called upon the international community to unconditionally lift all sanctions imposed on the country. SADC also communicated on its support towards the country's socio-economic developments.

In its founding principles, SADC notes that it is guided by concepts of solidarity, peace and security and peaceful settlement of disputes. Nations have always been interdependent and are bound to remain so in their quest for social, political and economic development. Through this, it has become more apparent that SADC members are aware of hidden motives from the West to invade developing countries, through neo-colonialism.

The support from the region has shown that no amount of neo-colonial effort will drive a wedge between Africa states and their determination to maintain sovereignty.

At the sidelines of the AU Summit, EU Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development, Never Mimica asserted that he had met with President Mnangagwa and "took stock of what has been achieved." Mimica also said EU was ready to step up its support towards the country.

Prior, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta had sent through a solidarity message, where he also spelled out that his country was against the imposition of sanctions on Zimbabwe. He also said Kenya would give its support to bring back Zimbabwe to the global platform.
In its capacity to uphold states sovereignty, SADC also wrote a communique, reproaching the US and its allies to stop interfering in Venezuela's sovereignty and self-determination. In the case of Venezuela, the US has blatantly supported an opposition leader who is disregarding the outcome of legally contested election results. This is further proof that the West and its allies would unashamedly use their political might to protect their interests, regardless of states sovereignty and constitutional right.

SADC's position makes it clear that the region will not relent to Western machinations, as only solidarity and regional integration will protect shared national goals.  

It is important to understand that the West and its allies will do anything in their will-power to make sure that dominance over Africa is maintained. The super powers, through financial, military and technological muscle, will work to fan divisions within the continent so that its dominance will easily sail through.

African countries should come to terms with the bare truth that the continent is bestowed with vast natural resources and man power that Western allies are in desperate need of. Imperialists have been determined to make sure that they get their hands on these resources for their sole benefit, to further enrich and empower themselves.

Zimbabwe has been a constant target because of its rich mineral resources. Neighbouring countries including South Africa, Kenya, Namibia have consistently shown support towards the country as they understand the power they have over nature bestowed resources.

It would also be beneficial for Zimbabweans to question the intentions of Americans and their sincerity towards intervening in the country's political affairs. Recently, some UK representative was talking of re-colonisation of Zimbabwe and it is such utterances that should be unpacked to understand the kind of people we are dealing with.

In their might, regional bodies are aware of the intentions of the West to intervene in African countries' internal affairs so as to divide nations. However, the harmony and integration of regional bodies will form blocks to protect countries from Western destructive interventions.

It is also imperative to note that a society of united, enlightened and disciplined people with a high degree of group harmony is always a source of strength. Positions taken by SADC, AU and other states in supporting Zimbabwe are testimony that Africa is emerging stronger against imperialism. SADC and AU will remain unpopular to the West and those who further Western agenda, hence the politics of African brotherhood should remain vigilant to this vice.

Source - Anesu Pedzisayi
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