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Unparliamentary language Nduna and Temba must be sanctioned

14 Feb 2019 at 12:30hrs | Views
Parliaments and legislative bodies around the world impose certain rules and standards during any parliamentary business Tradition has evolved that there are words or phrases that are deemed inappropriate for use in the legislature whilst it is in session or any sitting on behalf of parliament. this is called unparliamentary language and there are similar rules in other kinds of legislative systems. This includes, but is not limited to, the suggestion of dishonesty or the use of profanity.

Most unacceptable is any insinuation that another member is dishonourable. So, for example, suggesting that another member is lying is forbidden.Exactly what constitutes unparliamentary language is generally left to the discretion of the Speaker of the House. Part of the speaker's job is to enforce the assembly's debating rules, one of which is that members may not use "unparliamentary" language. That is, their words must not offend the dignity of the assembly. In addition, legislators in some places are protected from prosecution and civil actions by parliamentary immunity which generally stipulates that they cannot be sued or otherwise prosecuted for anything spoken in the legislature. Consequently they are expected to avoid using words or phrases that might be seen as abusing that immunity.

Unparliamentary behaviour contains the most recent summary of insults, insinuations, epithets and allegations that have been made in Parliament over the years and ruled to be "unparliamentary language" – temperate and worthy of the place in which it is spoken" so a word that is acceptable in one context may not be in another.

The scenes exhibited by Dishonourable Temba Mliswa and Dishonourable Dexter Nduna have brought shame on the integrity of our parliament.

Temba behaves like a ditched second wife and is becoming a bully who suffers from verbal dihorea. He is trying to bring the circus of EEF in the spectrum of the Honourable house.

While it is plausible to expose corruption and inefficiency in parliament or government there must be a civilised way of putting that across. Honourable Temba Mliswa gets over excited and behaves like a mad man who has picked up a whistle. His behaviour in parliament spoils the sense of his argument.

He borders on the lines of contempt and sanity has to be brought back in parliament. The outbursts by Mliswa in the Committee was contemptuous disheartening and indeed sickening. Mliswa applied his demonic skills to disturb the business of parliament. Being cheered on by equally the same crowd of lunatics he imported his lunacy to the chamber. Deliberately challenging the speaker and shouting down any person who dare bringing in sanity in the house. This behaviour is totally strange in Zimbabwean's parliament.

Mliswa forgets that there is a code which is meant to create public trust and confidence in the standards expected of all public representatives and to protect the integrity of Parliament. His behaviour trivialised the decorum of the august house.

The obligation Mliswa has to his constituency is beyond playing to the gallery. The behaviour of Temba Mliswa was dishonourable and disgusting. He has failed to discharge the duties snd responsibilities by members.

As much as Mliswa's madness was glaring in the public domain it did not exonerate the utterances of the self confessed murderer Nduna. Nduna like Mliswa failed to see the mouth meant to be used in such circumstances. He used a different mouth and embarrassed himself in the case. Honourable D Nduna has behaved like a bully in distress. His personal confession of several murders he is so experienced in should make the nation reconsider.

The general responsibility for every member must he put on. MPs must have personal responsibilities to maintain the standards of the code of conduct which the people are entitled to expect and to protect the good name of parliament and to advance the public interest. Cde Nduna misfired big time. He behaved like the master of all devils. No soldier who is worthy his salt can boast about killing thousands. The army has transformed from a killing machine to a protecting machine.

Cde Nduna failed to control his anger and exposed the whole party to ridicule. He raised the insanity bar to the level of that of Mliswa. The situation created by Nduna was that of a mad man who took the clothes of a man who was bathing and ran with them. The man followed the mad man in full speed. The scenario was that of a man holding clothes bring chased by the one who was nak*d. To the public the man behind was a mad man chasing the one infront. To those afar it was two mad man playing the nak*d game. This is what Nduna represented.

Boasting about illegal actions to be taken after parliament removes all sense and humanity from the nation.

While Temba was playing to the gallery Nduna was was playing to shame. The total silence by the party on this behaviour is indeed deafening. The silence is too loud it makes the party to be identified with the lunatic Honourable.

The behaviour must be-condemned. Both members of Parliament must be accountable for their actions to the public and must submit. Themselves to whatever scrutiny is appropriate to their stupid actions. Zimbabwe is not South Africa and we can run a better parliament without such elaborated drama. Parliament must sanction this errant behaviour by both MPS.

NDUNA must be investigated for the murders he confessed. Thorough investigations must be done. If it is clear that he only talks under pressure so put him under pressure and get the truth. Parliament should be debating meaningful issues. The time waisting thugs must be sent for treatment.

There are principles of public life which are Selflessness Intergrity Objectivity. Accountability. Openness honesty and leadership. Both Temba and Dexter have failed in these. They should be dealt with now and right now. We are all ashamed by this circus being introduced in parliament. It should come to an end.

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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