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Innocent Kufa must be sent back to Mashonaland

14 Feb 2019 at 17:38hrs | Views
It is an insult directed to Mthwakazi people for Kufa to say they lack the capacity to land renovation jobs in Rainbow Hotel and that should be given the strongest condemnation it so deserves.

510 Kilometres, all the way from Rusape, to come and show Mthwakazi people how much he is rude and disrespectful of them. That is unacceptable. Kufa even lacks the understanding that he not right person to be the manager in any of the companies operating in Mthwakazi land.

As MLF, we are however not surprised by this Kufa's utterances. Like mother, like son. His mother Grace Mugabe once said all that Mthwakazi people know is to marry many women and have many children. Here is her son Kufa today, telling us that we can't even hold the painting brushes. What nonsense is that? When and how do these Shona people want to be taught to respect other people? Kufa must not want to die in the hands of Mthwakazi people. If he feels like dying, why can't he go and die alone in Rusape?

As MLF, we call upon all Mthwakazi people in all corners of Mthwakazi, to stand up against Shona deployment in their areas, which has so much negative effect to their well-being, be it socially, culturally, economically or politically as witnessed by the poor performance of children in Mthwakazi schools. How would one expect a Ndebele child to pass if he/she is taught by a Shona teacher, at primary level of education, for that matter?

Mthwakazi is for Mthwakazian and all employment opportunities that arise anywhere in Mthwakazi are for Mthwakazi people. Now is the time for all Mthwakazi people to take off their political garments and fight Shona dominance in Mthwakazi land to completion and this Kufa must be the first target. Whether one subscribes to MLF, MRP, ZAPU, ANSA MLO or whichever political outfit, the enemy is a Shona in Mthwakazi. Let us as one reclaim our territory. If the owners of the Rainbow Hotel wants to keep him, they must close down their operations in Mthwakazi and relocate to Rusape.

Enough is enough.
Vuka Mthwakazi Vuka!!!!!!!!

Source - David Magagula- MLF
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