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Tribute to 'Save' the late Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai

16 Feb 2019 at 21:02hrs | Views
Somewhere in the communal lands of Buhera Zimbabwe, there is the people's hero.

Travelling in the rural areas holding and reading The Daily News tabloid  newspaper was a crime, something very dangerous and one would find themselves in hot soup. I can vividly recall stashing the daily paper when I was attending a meeting at Chikurubi Support Unit Regiment Mess. If you were caught by officers manning the main gate , you were going to face the music.

Putting on something red, you were an enemy of the state.  That os no red jacket, no red trousers, no red shirt or short. No red car. Red colour meant danger and you were labelled a sell out and belonging to an opposition.

You could not speak because of the red tounge. Every teacher from town was a  threat to the government,  because during weekends and school holidays , teachers would bring old newspapers and pass them to other fellow teachers and civil servants  who could read and understand what was taking place around the political circles. They brought  in good news. They shared the word of change, it's impact and powerful  message.

Teachers were not welcome in the rural areas as they would influence the rural folks to vote for Chinja or MDC. In beerhalls, stadiums, shopping centres,  at bus stops and other gatherings, they whispered his name , Morgan Tsvangigayi.

People wanted change . They wanted it in the civil service, private sector and parastatals. People were tired of the ruling party. People were crying for a new face of leadership.  People have lost faith in the promises they were getting from the ruling party that were not materialising. Unfortunately they could nit change yhe statis qou and were afraid of the government security.

They were afraid of the CIO. They were afraid of being killed, afraid of being short sleeved, afraid of being abducted.  

However Morgan Tsvangirayi the leader of the main opposition, pierced the tyrannical rule. He consumed the dictatorship and burned their hopes and aspirations in the ballot box , but they refused to give him power. He did not give up. He kept on fighting and winning  battles. He fought and survived many election battles and he couldn't give up. He gave more father's and mothers hope of a new lease of life outside  Zanu PF.

He had absolutely no intention of abandoning the people when things were going tough . He went through a long and difficult journey toward democratic change

When he spoke he spoke with a powerful voice  full of energy and and nolstagic intelligentsia. His wisdom was second to none. He was lovable and a darling of the people. He fought from Zambezi to Limpopo.

He had the vision fighting  for a better Zimbabwe, fighting for peace, fighting for the oppressed and the marginalized. He had that moral ground to lead the country. He loved his country passionately. He inspired many plitocal leaders and activists. He was a man of the people

The democratic giant left us a legacy and left no stone unturned. The political mine field  will never be the same without  Save. The Zimbabwean nation lost a powerful pillar. His political work cuts across generations, continents and cultures.

A distinguished and prolific cadre , an iconic political  stalwart. He shaped more politicians and his work will live forever.

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Source - Leonard Koni
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