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Mnangagwa, Chiwenga are scaring investors away

20 Feb 2019 at 17:27hrs | Views
The recent military crackdown on Zimbabwean citizens is not only a grave infringement on the citizens' fundamental constitutional rights but it ultimately presents Zimbabwe as a volatile business environment. Most billionaire investors are already regarding Zimbabwe as a failed economy synonymous with uncertainty. Admittedly, President Mnangagwa has confirmed that he is the one who authorised the recent army brutality where innocent civilians were subjected to unlawful arrests, torture, abductions and many women were raped. We all know that Chiwenga is the protagonist in all these brazen shenanigans even though he is usually cast behind the scenes, just as a loyal vice-president.

The barbarity of the soldiers has outraged millions across the world. The absence of culture and civilisation among our national leaders has certainly made international investors think twice about coming to Zimbabwe. Mnangagwa and Chiwenga are still living in the days of Uncle Bob, where in the absence of social media news, people would be tortured, abducted, killed, raped and eventually the whole world would never know what really transpired in Zimbabwe. Now that the whole world instantly receives the latest news about Zimbabwe via social media platforms, the ZBC's "lying job" is only getting harder if not impossible. Mnangagwa's special advisers appear not cognisant of the impact of social media on the Zimbabwean economy. Bad news travel very fast, just to say the least.

The Zimbabwean economy is erratic, unpredictable and unsettled. One day the President just woke up and announced a 150% fuel price increase with immediate effect. Under such circumstances any investor whether local or international will find it extremely difficult to make any future business plans. It is now imperative for the Zimbabwean authorities to come to terms with the new world order where people's fundamental rights come first and are respected, the rule of law operates unabated, property rights are observed, and economic rights guarantees every citizen at least a decent life.

Frazer Muzondo

Source - Frazer Muzondo
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