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Chamisa should take a lesson from Joshua Nkomo and Morgan Tsvangirai who had people at heart

25 Feb 2019 at 17:33hrs | Views
It is quite unfortunate that instead of mapping the way forward and discussing solutions most people here whom I think are MDC are very good at criticizing facts. The truth is Chamisa's failure is causing people to suffer. How can a sincere leader claim he would remove a legitimate govt by leading people to Harare one day.

Legitimate govt in the sense that ED was declared the dully elected leader by the constitutional court. Yes we see Chamisa doing what he is doing to seek relevance. Most people blindly support him and don't analyze where he is taking them and their party. Real leaders with the people at heart where Joshua Nkomo and Morgan Tsvangirai. They put the people first. Yes this polarization won't take us anywhere.

I have seen the spirit of intolerance manifesting itself here because someone stated his opinion on MDC and Chamisa. What we need as a country is a way forward. What solution has the MDC have for the country. Chamisa claims to have garnered 2.6 million votes but failed to prove it in court. Real Zimbabwean leadership considers the people first but it seems MDC want to rule at whatever cost. ZANU-PF is still a player in Zimbabwe's politics as well as MDC but what's needed is level headedness. Just yesterday but one out of three bi elections Zanu PF won two and MDC won one. It's a fact we cannot play down. It is both you and me who are suffering not Chamisa or Mnangagwa. It is people like you and me who is hurting not Chamisa.

Remember most of us who are vocal here did not even vote yet we expect change. Rhetoric and action is different. I feel Chamisa is causing his people to suffer by being reckless with his mouth yet he is a toothless bulldog. You don't discuss your strategy at a rally. Those you are planning against are not idle remember they have the state apparatus against you. The result is you expose your people for no reason. ZCTU and This Flag just acted and the result is where there for everyone to see. Had they gone kurally and said we will one day shut down the country,the shutdown would not have succeeded. It succeeded because it was meticulously planned. Chamisa and his cronies vanoda kuurayisa vana chete. We need jerked up leaders who feel for the people.

Joshua Nkomo and Tsvangirai has to sacrifice their ego after realizing that people had suffered a lot. That's what real statesmen are. They are not selfish. The current MDC supporters are just like the former Zanu-PF supporters they are intolerant. They don't listen to voice of reason. They are rabid and use bad language yet they are clueless. The country is on fire so what. More JECHA only. Does JECHA help me the ordinary citizen.

No I don't think so we need real solutions. MDC should start ring fencing it's people if it is for the people. It must stop causing the victimization of its members and bring real change. Real change starts with a real mindset. Real change starts with a real plan. Yet MDC is clueless. We don't feed on rhetoric. We need real game changers. We need tolerance and peace. Good leaders are good listeners too.

Source - Henry Madiro
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