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Chamisa and Mwonzora fight turns nasty

28 Feb 2019 at 17:07hrs | Views
The ongoing struggle to be MDC's leader is a sign of just how hegemonic the party's left has become. The contest between Nelson Chamisa and Douglas Mwonzora has shown worrying flashes of acrimony, both on Twitter and in certain anonymous briefings that have dispirited figures on both sides.

To an outside observer, a struggle between the two both of which have played instrumental roles in the rise of Zimbabwe's radical opposition– might seem to have a hint of the Infiltration about it. But it is a mark of the left's sense of political security that different factions can attempt to assert themselves over one another, because it no longer fears a recapture of the party by the right. Whoever wins, the real question is: can MDC become a members-led democratised mass movement?

Superficially, the contest seems bewildering. If either CHAMISA OR MWONZORA wins, the party machine will be firmly in the in the hands of the left, and the party's structures will be further divided. So why the split? The leader's office – or confusion as insiders describe it – backs Mwonzora partly because it is keenly aware that the party is too dominated by the rebels who were dismissed by Tsvangirai and later came back to cause more division. The likes of Biti and Sikhala have formed their parties and those parties are still functional. Chamisa's win will see the party firmly drifting back in the hands of Biti.

Biti'd dislike of Mwonzora is very clear. It is therefore clear again that should Mwonzora lose most senior MDC cadres will see the door. Biti is the schemer behind Chamisa and Sikhala the shadow behind the violent thugs created to protect Chamisa. Chamisa's win in the MDC will be the end of all conservative MDC leaders.

As scheming and underground campaigns take place Staunch Chamisarites are going to be sorely disappointed at this year's MDC Party conference.

This year the conservative MDC showed its power by reversing Chamisa's decision to deny the people a chance to have a congress. The congress dates were moved from October to May This will give Mwonzora a platform to address the congress.

The agenda of the MDC Party congress will not be as radical as some expect This MDC congress is going to be the most shocking in terms of expectations. The Mwonzorite tide had already begun its long advancing roar, although it didn't feel like it. It should be remembered that Chamisa himself had lost against Mwonzora before. He the ran straight to a pastor training centre to search his soul. It was Tsvangirai who salvaged Chamisa from the dustbin of the political garbage. Chamisa is a product of illegality and his leadership is tainted with unconstitutionality.

"Manicaland has come out to avenge the angry democratic spirits against the offending Chamisa. Douglas Mwonzora and Chimhini have a strong bond. It should be noted that Mai Kore the wife of chimhini and Mutseyami Prosper the point person of Chamisa don't see eye to eye even during primary elections Mai Kore was elbowed by Mutseyami using Chamisa's name .....they're a lot of things happening behind the scenes... Chimhini wants to be National treasure general or deputy his place they've drafted David Tekeshe to take over as the provincial chairman main wing ...then mai Kore wants to retain the national chairlady position... That's why manicaland has endorsed Mwonzora as their preferred presidential candidate tsoro dzirikurongwa pasi kune Congress delegates" said one of the prospective delegate to May's Congress.

Opposition leader Nelson Chamisa is receiving his ownearly boost ahead of what could turn out to be a bruising contest when the MDC congress gets underway in three months' time. He is assured that several party structures are moving to endorse his candidature. But Chamisa is taking it cautiously because he knows that his supporters will not buy the bullet train story. He must have learnt his lessons from the last congress where he was assured if a win only to come out as a card carrying member who needed pastorship to resurrect him back into politics.

MDC is divided and trying to show a face but it is falling apart inside. This comes as speculation is growing that respected MDC secretary-general, Douglas Mwonzora — as well as one of Chamisa's two deputies, Elias Mudzuri — could also throw their hats into the ring when the country's main opposition party holds its eagerly-awaited elective congress in May. Chamisa has a lot of support but unfortunately his supported are good for singing as they will not make it to the congress.

The charismatic Chamisa took over the party's reins under hotly-disputed and illegal circumstances in February last year, following the death of the MDC's revered founding president Morgan Tsvangirai — who lost his valiant battle against colon cancer on Valentine's Day, and soon after he had elevated the youthful politician to the party's presidium. Tsvangirai's family has secretly endorsed Mwonzora. Chamisa can do well in a comedy show and the congress will shake him to the grounds of reality.

With behind-the-scenes campaigning gathering steam ahead of the party's congress, many MDC structures are already marking the territory for their favoured leaders — with a number of them moving to make it clear at the weekend that Mwonzora would receive their backing when this highly-anticipated gathering gets underway in May.

Mashonaland East provincial chairperson Piniel Denga also said while they had not met as a province to nominate their candidate, the executive had earlier agreed at its provincial assembly meeting that Chamisa should remain at the party's helm. This is only one province but the reality coming from the ground spells a different scenario. All sober MDC provincial members would want Mwonzora to lead.

On her part, women's assembly chairperson Lynnet Karenyi-Kore said the fact that Chamisa had emerged leader at short notice following the death of Tsvangirai — while also going on to perform well in the July 30, 2018 presidential election — was "enough proof that he was a solid leader". But this is not a sign of victory to Chamisa the promises never worked for him. He will try his best to win but the guards are alert this time.

Chamisa has reverted to the old MDC internal tactic. This is to agitate the thugs called vanguard and label any contender a ZANU PF infiltrator.

When Biti saw differently from Tsvangirai the vanguard was used to silence him. It was his physical agility which saved him from the marauding blood sucking youth. Biti dived into Tsvangirai's car and escaped the beatings. But Mangoma was not so lucky he was illegally disciplined. Biti and Mangoma later formed a party which was to split into two.

This tactic is now being used again as Chamisa's dark angels have gone full force labelling Mwonzora a ZANU PF implant.

Few months ago the MDC MPs ganged against Engineer Mudzuri accusing him of being ZANU PF. The ZANU PF card is used to silence any one opposing Chamisa. The situation is turning ugly as it becomes dog eat dog affair at Harvest house.

MDC youth assembly secretary-general Lovemore Chinoputsa also said they were already lobbying other structures to rally behind Chamisa. He has seen that Chamisa is losing the grip and the plot.

Chinoputsa said "Our support for Chamisa is premised on the principle that young people should be promoted into positions of leadership — hence for purposes of this congress we have taken a decision to work towards convincing all other structures in this regard,"

However, other party insiders have a different view. It is not cast in stone that Chamisa will roll over" his opponents in May. Chamisa will wake up after the congress. There will be no vanguard to protect him. He will be in the pool of reality. He can dream on but he will wake up.

This is particularly so because Mwonzora has decided to contest him. Mwonzora is mature and stable minded. He is not a man in the wind. Chamisa goes by the wind and he had winds around him.

"These elections are far from decided because it is early days yet. Anyone, particularly Dougie (Mwonzora) has a chance of winning this post because he is respected and loved by many in the party who see him as mature and level-headed. People are Afraid to say it clearly that chamisa is finished for fear of victimisation. People can only say 2014 is going to come back. This is when Mwonzora scored a shock and unexpected crushing victory over Chamisa — which saw him getting 2 464 votes against his rival's 1 756.

Last time Chamisa went to train as a Pastor after losing elections. This time he will train to be a pope. The overview from provinces stands as of Wednesday 27 February 2019.
Masvingo - Chamisa
Harare - Mwonzora
Mutare - Mwonzora
Midlands- Mwonzora
Mat North- Mwonzora
Bulawayo- Mwonzora
Mat South- Mwonzora
Midlands- Chamisa
Mashwest - Chamisa
Masheast- Mwonzora
Mashcentral- Mwonzora
USA - Biti
Gloves are out and people will see a lot. Chamisa is already approaching Vatican foe a position as a pope. MDC has slipped his hands

Source - Dr Masimba Mavaza
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