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MLF happy with the progress towards the liberation of Mthwakazi thus far

01 Mar 2019 at 08:11hrs | Views
David Magagula
Even those that initially regarded our claims of all forms of marginalization of Mthwakazi by the government of Zimbabwe can now prove us right. In our divorce document that we presented to the government of Zimbabwe, through its embassy in South Africa in 2011, we pointed out that we wanted out of Zimbabwe because we wanted to correct the pre-colonial injustices that destroyed our border with Zimbabwe and we further put it clear that we were not happy to be treated as second class citizens who do not have a right in the binary Zimbabwe, where our cultures are being distorted and trampled upon.

Until this day Zimbabwe has kept mum on our ultimate demand of setting Mthwakazi free. We are however not bothered by their silence though, as sometimes silence means that the demands are well received, understood and no objections to them and as MLF, we are thrilled by the signs of success that mama keeps showing us, since at long last the Zimbabwean government has hid to our calls.

At first, the government of Zimbabwe introduced for the first time in the history of that country, news in Tonga and Khalanga on television. This week, it was reported on Bulawayo24 news that the government of Zimbabwe considers reinstating the Abekhalanga chiefs who had lost their chieftaincy in the implementation process of cultural marginalization of Mthwakazi by Zanu and Zimbabwe. As an organisation, we receive the news with great joy. Signs are there that slowly but surely we will attain our independence. One of the chiefs that Zimbabwe has hinted on reinstalling, you will remember that he once locked horns with the government of Robert Mugabe over the deployment of Shona teachers in Plumtree, leading to his fall out with that government. So his reinstallation, further promotes the chances of successfully restoring the Mthwakazi statehood. Our policy as MLF, recognizes the restoration of the cultural leaders of all groupings of Mthwakazi and we are happy Zimbabwe has started implementing it for us.

Although for now, Zimbabwe is nervous about the re-installation of the Mthwakazi King, trying all they can to block it, signs are there that at last they will bow down to our demands. Like when one is building a house, he erects the pillars first which are very much useful to the strength of that house. Thereafter, he puts the roof over those pillars and that roof becomes more important in that structure as it protects the pillars and the walls. So, that is to say, Zimbabwe can go round Mthwakazi installing Mthwakazi groupings' cultural leaders aim at buying those groups out of the Mthwakazi agenda but that is as good as helping us achieve our ultimate goal as our policy advocates for that.

As MLF, we regard the revival of Mthwakazi cultural institutions as the important proponent of our struggle and the gate-way to the realisation of our quest to end morals degeneration in our land. We therefore call upon all Mthwakazi groupings, to adopt the agenda of installing their cultural leaders. As called for by our policy, Kings of all groupings will form a ROYAL COUNCIL that will ensure equal distribution of Mthwakazi resources and the well being of all Mthwakazi people.

Having started by addressing our cultural concerns, we are looking forward to the removal of all Shona employees in Mthwakazi employment sector, by the same government.



Source - David Magagula
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