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Jecha for Mwonzora

01 Mar 2019 at 09:16hrs | Views
In a typical 'give a dog a bad name and let him hang' the MDC, its leader, Nelson Chamisa in particular, is running scared and throwing all sorts of spanners at that party's Secretary General Douglas Mwonzora. The sudden and frenzied attack on the person of Mwonzora by Chamisa better known as 'Cobra' in the smear game and his sympathisers, to say the least; exhibits the undemocratic tendencies at MDC and its obscene levels of intolerance.

Mwonzora is certainly going, if not already paying the price of ever wishing to challenge Chamisa. The ordeal he is going through right now exposes the political culture at the MDC which would also explain its efforts to create a political impasse in Zimbabwe by despising dialogue efforts by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

As an opposition, the MDC has since its inception been known for devoting its efforts in making life difficult for both Government, ZANU PF and the country's citizenry, just to drive a political point home. However, when Chamisa assumed leadership of that party, Zimbabwe saw the birth of disproportional demagoguery, sabotage and bizarre thick headedness hinged on the 'kudira jecha' concept.

Over the past months it has become apparent that the MDC cannot exist outside the 'Kudira jecha' concept born towards the 2018 harmonised elections. All efforts so far by Chamisa and his lieutenants have been directed to nothing else but to discredit President Mnangagwa, Government and ZANU PF simply because Chamisa vowed that he would not accept any results that would not declare him the winner of the polls. The attack is still going on, keeping the nation in an election mode almost a year after the polls.

Since then, almost all pro-opposition elements and mouthpieces have been bent on causing the most damage they can ever inflict on Zimbabwe.

Now all the arsenals have been directed to Mwonzora, who is certainly and undoubtedly a serious threat to Chamisa. The fear of history repeating itself is evidently unbearable for Chamisa. Once beaten twice shy, Chamisa lost the run for that party's Secretary General post to Mwonzora. With defeat being a vocabulary Chamisa has deliberately refused to add to his dictionary, he is using every trick in the book to find a way around it.

Mwonzora has since become ZANU PF as far as a faction loyal to Chamisa is concerned. To make matters worse, poor Mwonzora is just an individual in this mix and not an institution like Government or ZANU PF. Zvazvakadai pamuti munyoro. The struggle is real for the somewhat level headed and mature Mwonzora. MDC Vice President, Elias Mudzuri was sent back to the cocoons for a similar charge of undermining the authority of 'Cobra.'

Nevertheless, the lesson the MDC seems to be missing here is that of the definition of charisma. Calling Mwonzora ZANU PF is typical of burying one's head in the sand. The guy has natural appeal across the political divide. His political career is not marred by misfiring, plurality of foolishness or misplaced political banter.

His approach to the nominations, endorsements and congress tells a great story of how a great politician he is. A sane and reasonable submission he made in this regard showcases a great degree of clarity and astuteness. "I am aware of my rights; the right to vote and the right to be voted for. I have a right to contest for any position in the party. In other words, I will only contest for a position if l have the backing of the majority within the party. I have not yet made up my mind regarding the position I will contest for at congress."

This can only be a sober and well thought submission, clear of controversy and constructive. He has not made it clear if he is going to run for the presidency, but because the guilty are always afraid, Chamisa and his sympathisers are already smear campaigning Mwonzora. Kumudira jecha chaiko.

It is no secret that life will never be the same for Mwonzora even if he loses or win at the congress. He seems to have committed an unforgiveable offence, similar to that committed by President Mnangagwa when he won the 2018 Presidential elections. Knives and daggers are hanging on Mwonzora's head, but the grand question would be, Is this the movement for democracy? Who is fooling who here?

Source - Elijah Chihota
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