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Chamisa's divisive tactics in vain

03 Mar 2019 at 01:28hrs | Views
There is more that binds us as Zimbabweans than that which divides us and the earlier we realise this the better for all of us and for posterity.

Zimbabwe is the only place we call home and any attempts to disrupt efforts to rebuild this nation can only be considered insane. Such levels of myopia are dangerous and they always have a way of coming back to haunt the very perpetrators.

No amount of money or hunger for power should cause a Zimbabwean to destroy his country in word or in deed.

It is in this regard that the circus that MDC-Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa continues to play out has ceased to be funny if ever it was. He cannot continue to take Zimbabweans for a ride.

He has tried several gimmicks to remain relevant and to put spikes in the works but he must be wary that Zimbabweans are an intelligent lot and they will respond in the best manner they know how, as happened in July last year.

His rantings and daydreaming stunts in Gweru last Saturday clearly demonstrated that the young man is out of his wits. His suggestions that he must take turns to run the country with President Mnangangwa is as comical as it is sad.

What justifies his suggestions? Who does he think he is? The people spoke by voting for a better candidate in President Mnangagwa. So he should listen.

His advisors do him a great disservice. They should tell him to think before he speaks and that he should not be too excitable before crowds. This is what separates men from boys and the mature from the immature.

Opposition parties are a critical component of any democracy and they help maintain accountability by Government and ruling parties but those that come in the mould of the MDC-Alliance leader are actually a liability.

The man has single-handedly done immense damage to Zimbabwe through his insistence that more sanctions should be imposed on this country but thank God for Zimbabwe's astute leader President Mnangagwa who is always ahead of Chamisa.

His re-engagement exercise has achieved so much in a short space of time and the international community now appreciates that Zimbabwe has embarked on a progressive trajectory unlike what Chamisa would want it to believe.

The successful Bi-National Commission that culminated in a 1 billion Pula facility for Zimbabwe and the signing of at least six MOUs is a sure sign that our regional and international partners are keen on helping this country starve off years of economic mismanagement before the Second Republic came into being.

South African President Cyril Ramaposa and his team are also on their way to Zimbabwe to strengthen relations with this country while recent visits to Eurasia by President Mnangangwa have yielded deals, many of which are at various stages of implementation.

This leaves egg on Chamisa's face. He should come to the party and do his part to aid socio-economic revival efforts.

A fortnight ago, President Mnangagwa said he was aware of attempts to undertake violent demonstrations by the MDC and its partner NGOs.  He issued a stern warning that his Government would not allow such barbaric acts to persist.

However, the penchant by the MDC-Alliance leader and his allies to cause mayhem has reached worrying proportions. Who, in their right minds, would then choose or allow such a leader to rule them – one who does not seem to care about the welfare of Zimbabweans but will sacrifice them for self-aggrandisement.

Zimbabwe needs right-minded people  who realise that they cannot play roulette with people's lives.

Zimbabwe deserves better opposition parties that can tell the difference between right and wrong.

Source - Sunday Mail
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