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Her privates are too big for Chamisa: My reply

04 Mar 2019 at 15:21hrs | Views
Nomazulu Thata
Her privates are too big for Chamisa; Herbert Garikai commented on an international world's favourite newspaper: "The Angolan Times."

To think that this man is a diplomat representing Zimbabwe internationally, he can still afford to make such uncouth, uncivilised comment, using sex to denigrate, defame a Zimbabwe woman, his former wife, leave all  right-thinking men and women cold. In Zimbabwe we have seen this kind of local behaviour in several cases where women are belittled using sex to "put them on their patriarchal ordained roles." Zimbabwe social media is extensively read internationally and this is the nonsense paparazzi news they read about Zimbabwe: crude, derogative and uncivilised comments coming from a whole diplomat, defiling his former wife. This article about Nyaradzo Nyathi is well read in the social media: so far in less than 14 hours, over 22000 views have gone through it. By Zimbabwean standard this is wholly newsworthy story because there is a sex element in it.

Notwithstanding, this diplomat could be exposing the calibre of our diplomats in foreign lands. This is how morally low some Zimbabwean misogynistic men have become and how they view women as objects of sex. If our men were ritually circumcised, they would have been taught that what about transpires in the matrimonial bedrooms and the aspect of sexual intercourse with a spouse should never be casually talked about anywhere else except on those family social support systems and with close friends only, this will be a top secret to preserve to those who are supposed to hear it and give advice and counselling. Curiously, our Zimbabwean men, well some of them not all, are failing the traditions and culture of the great country: this is a serious and cultural deficit. Our men did not go to the mountains for circumcision, and that alone they should be ashamed of it, going about with business as usual with their uncircumcised penises. If anything those who were circumcised, it was wholly clinical without the accordance of comprehensive rituals that go with the rituals of male circumcisions.  

When Africa is called a black continent, a Sub-Sahara continent: SSC, third world countries, an emerging continent, they know what they are talking about: they know what they mean. They go further and say: "Africans are stupid." Countries in the "First world" will not take African people who have such low values for dignity for mankind as equals in all their global engagements. A nation is called civilised by the way it treats its women and children with respect accorded of human beings. A bedroom quarrel cannot subject all women of Zimbabwe to insults of sexual nature: Sex is used all the time as a tool to humiliate Zimbabwean women. You insult one Zimbabwean woman using sex as a tool is to reduce her you insult all of us women period.

There is something curious about the nature of the insult from our whole diplomat: the genitals of a beast are used to denigrate her. On a psychological perspective, why does he use the male genitals of a donkey, the size of it to inflict the pain and humiliation on a woman who was once upon a time a dear wife to him? Does this diplomat, kind of "envy" the donkey pen's size and the beasty sexual acts that he inherently admires in a donkey, something that could be lacking in him seriously?
"No man on earth can have a big penis to satisfy Nyaradzo Nyathi. For that reason I sent her back to her family and I remained in Canada" the whole diplomat gloats.

From a woman's perspective this is not only sad statement of somebody on a diplomatic mission but as I said a reflection of our failed tradition and cultural fabric that has seriously disintegrated to all time low. Zimbabwean men know that if you insult a woman using sex as a tool, she will "go back to her place:" A woman is still not comfortable to speak freely and carelessly about sex as Zimbabwean men sarcastically do. It could be that women still uphold those cultural values that are imparted in them when they are initiated into womanhood. It is for these reasons by the sexual nature of this insult we women feel we have been equally insulted. To insult one Zimbabwean woman using sex to defile her is equally to have insulted all women of this great country: the mother of Herbert Garikai is included in this insult too, and if he has girl-children then they are part of the insulted for having larger vaginal organs.

The heading of the article in Angolan Times is perverse to say the least. We wonder as women how our most private, most intimate parts; parts that define the gender womanhood in us can be subject to repulsive and pervasive global scrutiny in Africa World Favourite Newspaper: The Angolan Times. Evidently this is gender-based violence on women in the SUB-SAHARA- Continent. This alone confirms my fear that women in the SUB-SAHARA CONTINENT are indeed viewed as the last pieces of dirt by our men folk. Surprisingly still, these very men cannot exist without a woman just for one day. A Zimbabwean man needs his woman almost every day and for many reasons; for many reasons.

 But because an African woman is a disposable entity, a diplomat like Herbert will replace his wife Nyaradzo Nyathi the next day and still unscrupulously continues to gloat about it in the international social media that he discarded her because her genitals had become sub-standard. Curiously Herbert will find his match: he will find men that will be amused about that comment he made about his former wife: he knows this! This will be discussed at drinking sessions in Harare and Bulawayo elaborative because this piece of news tickles and exits Zimbabwean men, especially when they are on evening drinking sprees. In our Zimbabwean societies there are rules for men and other for women when it comes to morality and sexual desire. Whereas men can make flippant and sarcastic comments about women, women are packaged in men's dominated patriarchal ordained roles and remain locked up in their passive roles.

I do not condone this unsettling truth that Nyaradzo Nyathi for making that false accusation of rape by Advocate Chamisa was okay. So far Chamisa has not displayed those trouser-zip problems other politicians struggle to contend with small houses doted around the country for all to know. What is abhorrent is the uncouth reciprocation of her former husband: Diplomat Herbert Garikai towards Nyaradzo Nyathi's unfounded accusations of rape.
What is repulsive about Diplomat Herbert Garikai comments is that he is not alone in using sex to humiliate a wife. A full misogynistic Minister Cain Mathema has done it before. When he divorced his first wife he accused her of her large private parts, he needed a younger woman as replacement. Who is going to take an African seriously if our national leaders' moral standards are found wanting: their language use is just below the belt in the sense of the word. At best this is human rights violations against women: and curiously such human rights against women do not mean anything in our Zimbabwe.
No politician in Germany would survive just a day in politics by making such a horrendous and misogynistic statement about his wife or women generally.  

There is a negative social element in this misogynistic insult against Zimbabwean women. Women will internalise this and will do whatever they can to correct this physiology of their vagina-enlargement. These herbs women use in some cases are said to cause cervical cancers. These herbs again corrode the lining of the mother mouth causing sexual insensitivity resulting in being the men who benefits and enjoys the sexual act. Most Zimbabwean women will confess that they are not participants' sexual intercourse in a matrimonial home but are merely providers of the sexual acts to please the man.  Women should still revisit those girl-instructions we got at the initiation ceremonies: what did our aunties and grandmothers say about vaginal hygiene in marriage.
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Source - Nomazulu Thata
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