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What I learnt from a dog which stole an egg

05 Mar 2019 at 14:17hrs | Views
(Warning 🚫 The following message may change your life)

During the holiday while visiting my relatives in the village, I passed a certain old man's home on my way to the river. He had tied a dog to a tree with a rope and was beating the dog with a long whip. Near the tree was a plate with two eggs.

The man kept on whipping the dog and holding its head so that it could see the plate with eggs. The next incident was even more dramatic, he took the two eggs from the plate, forcefully opened the mouth of the dog with the help of his "mtshanas" and put the hot eggs inside the mouth of the dog. The dog made sorrowful sounds as it's mouth was pressed against the hot boiled eggs inside it's mouth. I had not seen such cruelty in a long long time!

The old man then saw me standing near his yard. "Aaah Gwizi, come inside my boy it's been long since you last visited your village."

I didn't hesitate to get in because I had seen a calabash with "mahewu" under the big tree inside their yard. Who would have refused such an opportunity to have a sip of ice cold mahewu on a red hot day?

As, I took my second sip of mahewu I asked him about his cruelty to the dog a few minutes earlier on. He told me that his dog was misbehaving; it had been stealing eggs, thus he had decided to teach it a lesson.  I took my second sip of the ice cold mahewu and then said, "OK , I get it.... the dog was being punished for misbehaving....but what was the logic behind holding its head and showing it the eggs as you beat it and putting the hot boiled eggs in its mouth?"

He explained that it would be pointless to just punish the dog without it seeing the reason why it was in trouble.  So the dog had to be punished while vividly perceiving the eggs which got it into trouble in the first place!

Finally, I took a long sip of mahewu, nodded my head and looked into the atmosphere as I digested the old man's wisdom.  

Then said unto myself, vanity of vanities, all is vanity and chasing after wind. What shall it profit a man, to punish an offender without notifying the offender the reason behind the punishment? Then I looked under the sun amongst the sons of man and perceived that many are punishing their dogs without showing them the eggs. How will they link the unanswered phone calls with the eggs they have stolen. Why give someone silent treatment or stop answering his/her calls without explaining why he/she is being ignored? How will he/she link your negative response to what he did if there is no exposure of the stolen eggs he stole or effective communication about the actions which offended you? All this is vanity of vanities says GwiziTheMotivator.

We assume that they will know what they did to offend us, yet most of the time they will be genuinely be ignorant that the whip we are slashing them with is about the eggs!

Now lets hear the conclusion of the matter. Whipping a dog without showing it the eggs which have put it into trouble will not only be ineffective, it will be misunderstood and  misinterpreted by the offender.
If you want to whip your dog, that's cool.... but at least  show it that it's about the eggs.

Source - Mthokozisi Gwizi
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