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Biti and Ncube have not been loyal to the party and movement

10 Mar 2019 at 21:50hrs | Views
Only foolish people are beaten twice. It is true that once  beaten twice shy. The MDC as a party should shy away from Biti and Ncube. Biti and Ncube have not been loyal to the party and movement. So if ever they are to have any role in the MDC it should only be advisory in nature.

Both Biti and Ncube were former secretary generals of MDC. Ncube since it's inception in 2005 Ncube left the MDC unceremoniously. Biti then took over and had to be fired by President Morgan Richard Tsvangirai in 2014. It seems the secretary generals of the MDC have a Judas Iscariot tendency in them. Today it is Mwonzora who is in the eye of a storm.

When Ncube left the MDC to form a splinter MDC according to the missing *Itai Dzamara* in an article he wrote for the Daily News it was because of the influence by his father in law Thabo Mbeki who plotted to wrestle the power from Tsvangirai and hand over it to a Ndebele who would make a deal with a certain Zanu-PF faction led by Emmerson Mnangagwa, a former minister of Rural housing and the then notorious Minister of Information, Jonathan Moyo of the famous Tsholotsho saga. It was also after the collapse of the treason charge against Tsvangirai.  Ncube and his handlers believed Tsvangirai would be convicted and executed. When that flopped Ncube became restless and went on to criticise Tsvangirai as undemocratic leader guilty of imposition and with dictatorial tendencies which according to him was not good for democracy. He accused Tsvangirai of handpicking his cronies on what he termed a kitchen cabinet. Finally Welshman Ncube's complete selling out of the struggle came in 2005. It was premised by the need to participate in the senatorial elections. Ncube led the splinter MDC which had to be led by Mutambara to represent the Shona. Ncube has accepted that he was not presidential material. Looking at Ncube you would find his close and sinister association with Emmerson Mnangagwa. You could also see his appetite for power that can never been satiated. There have been rumors that Ncube could be CIO and I don't doubt it despite it not being proven. Surely allowing such a charlatan to have any post in MDC now is tantamount to treason and selling out.

Biti in 2014 like Ncube sang from the same script. He accused Tsvangirai of dictatorial tendencies and being undemocratic. He accused Tsvangirai of trying to create a fiefdom. Their problems had started to manifest soon after the 2013 election after losing to Robert Mugabe. Biti and others made a press statement firing Tsvangirai. Tsvangirai reacted quickly and accused the gathering of holding an unconstitutional meeting. He accused Biti of being power hungry and opportunistic. Biti and eight others were fired from the MDC leading to their forming the PDP. Such an opportunistic and power hungry individual cannot be alowed to have any post in the MDC as of now. He would divide the party.

When Ncube left the party he had a court case and took all the MDC assets. He took all 143 cars. Ncube destroyed the original MDC. Whilst Biti on the other hand took all the money and left the MDC with nothing. Biti is very cunning and has an appetite for big cash and plays to the gallery. However both Tendai Biti and Welshman Ncube are astute politicians. They are renowned political schemers who put a lot of effort in whatever they do. Whilst Ncube is like the introvert type Biti is the extrovert. Ncube is cool, calculating and a silent assassin whilst Biti is pompous, proud and loud yet their astuteness and effectiveness cannot be ignored. It is because of these abilities intered in their bones that we need now as a movement. They mustn't come as leaders in any capacity but as presidential advisors.

If Biti and Ncube run for any position in the party it would actually divide the people and for the goodness of the party I implore that they should not be allowed to contest by remaining as presidential advisors only.  Whenever we win they would be appointed ministers and I think that is what they want. They are not interested in the party but they want jobs as a ministers and become members of parliament.  This is what they crave for or they can remain presidential advisors and get paid a lot of money. This would be indeed good for the movement and for them.

If they come into the party and try to run against people like Mudzuri and Komichi, people who have been loyal and in the party for a long time, it would definitely divide the movement. Remember that these are sellouts who sold and destroyed the party and yet they now want to come in. Hell No. We can't let that to happen. The best we can do for them is to let them become Presidential Advisors period.

Biti and Ncube looted the party when they left. Now the acting president has forced us to include them in the congress and I want to ask a question. Where is VAA, the Vanguard of MDC seniors and founding members who have held the party together with their loyalty. These are the people who should uphold the Constitution and never allow these charlatans a second chance. These two people left the movement and went on to form their parties yet now they are back for job. Round two will be devastating to the party because they now want to be close to power. I suspect they have come back to finish off the party. I urge all progressive MDC members not to vote for them beyond the position of Senator or member of parliament.

Why are they back actually? Why do they think that they must come back and be in the presidium after what they did to MDC. Are we like Mugabe's cronies who just accepted what Mugabe had said. Should we do just what the president wants? This time I would like to  differ with President and say No to Biti and Ncube. The president can have them as personal advisors not in our presidium. Bringing these two into the presidium would tire our party.

I implore that Biti and Ncube should be advisors to the president full stop not in the movement's presidium that would be selling out.

I'm out.

*MTT (MDC Truth Trumpeter)*

Source - MDC Truth Trumpeter
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