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Muzamhindo pushes for a Policy Indaba

19 Mar 2019 at 22:31hrs | Views
Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo's initiative

I'm driving a national agenda which has no political affiliation, but to assist on enhancing development. We simply need a strategic development policy for now. A policy is a set of rules or measures put in place to achieve a certain objective. What Zimbabwe needs is not about begging money from foreign nations, we need to put out policies straight and whoever we present our case must see that we have a clear agenda, we have measures already in place in to curb leakages. To be quite honest is it necessary to go and borrow that disappear within few weeks. What is it that we want as a nation? What are our priorities as a nation? When the Governor presented in parliament before the finance portfolio he made it clear that we have a debt of about 900 million, close to a billion which we have borrowed from several financial institutions within Africa. Let's hope we didn't mortgage our country to foreign nations? Let's be honest, who will repay this debt? Where did the money go? Why did the Governor and Minister of Finance allow such huge borrowing and expenditure without parliamentary approval? We need a proper fiscal policy which address such inconsistencies. Let's be honest, no one will lend us any bail out until we address the issue of dishonest and inconsistency. We must address the issue of priorities and come up right measures which address those anomalies. We have a problem and the root problem is CORRUPTION buffeted by inconsistencies and lack of cohesion.

The policy indaba will be held in Harare, it will be an inclusive idea which will involve everyone, politicians across political divide, academics, policy makers and analysts, Government officials, business community, church, MPs and civic society. We need everyone on board, and we need the support of everyone. This piece is there to hear people's views and which areas needs clarity and after that we make presentations to the appropriate offices so that we come up with a good document called STRATEGIC DEVELOPMENT POLICY. There are key areas which I feel we can work on the indaba day and come up with a good policy document :

(1) Media policy
(2) Mining Policy
(3) Housing policy
(4) Fiscal policy
(5) Agriculture Policy
(6) industrial Policy
(7) Labour policy
(8) Health policy
(9) Infrastructure Development Policy
(10) Tourism policy

Mining Policy

- Before any signing of mega deals, public mist debate on the policies first

- community share trust percentage
- What is that the youths, women and local content get?
- taxes must be clear
- legal and economic frameworks to address legality issues and leakages before any signing of contracts and mega deals
- what will the Government get ?
NB : public has a right to know what are we going to get?

Agriculture Policy

- in the past 60% of our GDP, was from Agriculture what is the problem?
- one man one farm policy
- commercial farms should be set aside
- food security issue
- If farmers are offered loans , there must be a repayment plan and the issue of collateral security must be addressed
- Grabbing of farms must stop
- How much does the Government get? How much does farmers get?
- Land for communal resettlement must be set aside
- there must be proper economic framework to address the issue of COMMERCIALISATION of our products

Re- engagement plan policy

- what is our debt position?
- Where did the money which was borrowed go?
- Any debt clearance strategy?
- It must be made public
- whom are we engaging and what are our offers?
- What are the micro and macro stability programs in place to curb future Debts?
- any possible and future borrowing must be directed to parliament
- we need an IMF adjustment financial program for monitoring our position

Housing policy

- our urban planning policy needs to be disbanded it's not good
- our housing schemes are haphazard
- how do we address the issue of land barons?
- we must apply technicality when addressing housing issues because this is permanent
- we need quality buildings
- we are ready to assist the Government with proper housing documentary policies to meet our clear objectives and goals

Industrial policy

- we need 10 billion for industry
- we can sell 20 mines pegged at a billion each
- what we need now is hard currency, cash liquidity to improve our condition
- we have to pour money in the industry
- industry will address employment issues and there after employed people will pay taxes to the Government and in return it will be revenue for the state and in turn it will be expenditure which will be redirected to four critical areas of the economy :

1. Health
2. Education
3. Infrastructure Development
4. State of art equipment& technology

Tourism policy

- do we have any policy in this sector?

- How many tourists do we receive every year?
- are our hotels, recreational facilities well refurbished for future use?
- are we attractive as a nation?

It is not about Zimbabwe is open for business mantra, there is need for a DEVELOPMENT POLICY in place and the Government must walk the talk and address inconsistencies.

Fiscal policy

- RBZ must stick to lending role and managing the currency
- procurement must be done by the ministry of Finance
- any future borrowing must go through parliament
- remove deputy ministers
- cut embassies and downsize them
- eat what we kill policy
- use local car assemblies for purchasing vehicles for MPs and ministers
- globe-trotting must stop forth with
- any Government business outside the country must be done by foreign missions except critical summits like AU & EU meetings
- disclose the salaries for ministers
- tenders for big projects must be made public
- state procurement board must genuinely select tenders in public
- Presidium, ministers, Vps must declare assets
- all politicians who seek to contest in high offices such as councilors, MPs, ministers and senior Government officials must disclose their assets before assuming any office
- No more deputy ministers but scrap those posts and make use of perm secretaries and principal directors

Labour policy

- do we have one?
- Someone getting 400 bond in this economy?
- labour conditions
- to address physical abuse at the hands of foreigners such as Chinese and Indians who are the top list of abusing locals
- foreigners must employ at 70% of locals in their companies
- addressing the issue of transport allowances
- Institutional frameworks is key

Health policy

- Do we have one?
- Medical personnel should be treated with respect
- who should do the recruitment of medical personnel is it Government or health boards?
- Issue of procurement it must be done independently
- there must be a health board to address issues of procurement and human resource problems

Research and Development Policy

- do we make any research?
- Are they sound research with academic experience?
- We have gap analysis in critical areas such as health, agriculture, mining, education etc
- we lack depth

Media policy

- to address discrepancy
- to promote unity and peace
- to avoid use of hate speech
- to enhance development through proper media policies
- to allow diversity of views and opinions
- can media build our country?
- To avoid lies and misrepresentation of facts
- to come up with proper fact finding missions
- to promote neutrality
- to address cohesion and cultural values

what do we want on this indaba?

1. Good points on our major proposal of a good development policy

2. Speakers who are sound and good on key areas

3. Second national development policy in line with second republican

4. What exactly should be done in this country to move forward?

5. Suggestions on how we can panel beat our key policy areas
6. Venue will be in Harare

Ideas, how to mobilize resources for this big function is welcome, and ideas to build this thing is critical.

NB: No politics on this idea, it's apolitical and therefore politics should be set aside and come together and see how best we can provide solutions for our country.

We need a proper venue, proper speakers, proper ideas, and well organized.

I will tolerate good ideas and suggestions and kindly email me on

this event will be held mid April 2019, and proper announcement and publications will be made in due course after citizen consultations and clearance.

Let's build our country together

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo is an academic, and a leading consultant in project management, and he is studying Doctor of Philosophy at Women's University of Africa and he can be contacted at

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Source - Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo
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