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Recycled bad politicians as the last resort of saving Zimbabwe?

21 Mar 2019 at 19:04hrs | Views
Zimbabwe is full of talented and equally good citizens who if coopted into politics can turn around the fortunes of our country. Unfortunately for our beloved motherland we seem to be cased. We have an unquenchable appetite of always recycling leaders. It is the recycling of leaders that has become the albatross on our necks and the biggest let down on our nation.

Zanu-PF has been failing us as a nation for a long time. It has been there for the past 39 years. It has been always recycling the same dead wood since independence. The current president Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa and Oppah Muchinguri are a very good example of the dead wood. They have been in party and government since 1980. What have they done for the country except misery only. Zimbabwe is said to be collecting more than 4bn dollars in foreign currency as exports reciepts but we are in chronic shortage of it. Rwanda a country that recently recovered from a bitter Civil War is earning 1.8 bn in foreign currency but it is doing better than Zimbabwe. The problem is recycling deadwood. The political leadership we have is now tired yet Zimbabwe boast of the best literacy levels in the world. Why are we recycling leaders? Is it that we are lazy and don't want to take responsibility or we are being cowed to believe there is no future without these leaders? Let's wake up from this deep slumber and be responsible. Our destiny is in our own hands.

MDC-T is only a few weeks away from congress and like Zanu-PF it is planning to bring on board deadwood again. Oh No! What a shame. The case of Tendai Biti and Welshman Ncube pops in. They want to bulldoze into the MDC-T Congress as Principals forgetting that this is not an MDC Alliance congress. These factional leaders in the form of Biti and Ncube are actually vying for the Vice-Presidency of the party notwithstanding the fact that they are not members of MDC-T.

If Biti and Ncube are allowed to contest the MDC-T Congress it would be a great betrayal to the loyalists and faithfuls who have served the movement wholeheartedly and consistently without failure. What then would be the difference between MDC and Zanu-PF as far as recycling of leaders. Is it a case for us as zimbabweans.

What could be the rational behind the acceptance of these once rebels back into the party under such unclear circumstances. It has to be noted that when these now principals left the MDC they took along massive properties with them. Have they brought these properties back to the party or are they going to bring them back one day or they have simply come back to claim more power and more access to their personal benefits. As MDC family we are not prepared to be tossed around and let these political turncoats be reincarnated. We cannot allow our party to recycle leaders in the form of Biti and Ncube. No! Never!
For the MDC to move forward it has to avoid recycling leaders and let original MDC family members decide on its leadership. It is vital to note that the Alliance was set for election purposes, now it has to be each man for himself. Capable, straightforward and consistent leaders are there in the party and the party cannot afford to borrow and hire leadership from rebels in front of loyal party cadres. MDC cannot afford to recycle leaders if it has to move forward and rescue Zimbabwe from being a failed state.

Zimbabwe can move forward if the political parties stop recycling deadwood and coopt capable leaders. We have intellectuals all over the world who can be put to better use and develop our country rather than recycling deadwood in the form of the likes of Emmerson Mnangagwa, Oppah Muchinguri, Tendai Biti and Welshman Ncube. We need to tape from the vast talent we have as a country and develop faster than Rwanda. We can do it.

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Source - Henry Madiro
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