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The voice of reason from an MDC veteran

22 Mar 2019 at 07:17hrs | Views
Contesting a post in any political structure is legitimising the plebiscite processes.W inning a post in a Mass party is secondary but laying a democratic foundation. We need to leave a legacy for the posterity. No one should kill or die for winning a party political office. Congress should be a family affair without blemish or selfishness. Respect of leadership at all structures is the hallmark of maturity and undisputed leadership-Felix M Sibanda* 11 March 2019 Appeal for non-violent and the need to remain democratic in the coming MDC Congress processes.

Following the recent signs of intolerance in the MDC many people have spoken out against this vice. Chamisa as the president has went on to say point blank that the congress is an MDC thing and noone was to be victimized for wanting to challenge him. This has been ignored by radicals particularly the youths. MDC is a democratic party founded in 1999. The veterans of MDC are real patriots. They are focused to see democratic change happen. They have spoken strongly against this intolerance sprouting in the party.  Coltart , Chamisa, Mwonzora and of late Hon Mafa have spoken about the need to be tolerant as a democratic party.

In the opening paragraph Hon Mafa tweeted the fundamentals of being democratic. He clearly stated why a congress is done. To him to be party of the Electoral process is great honor that has to be respected and cherished. To this veteran contesting for a post in any structure is legitimising the process. Surely a process has to be followed. If it's not followed then the process is flawed. It is these Mafikizolos who are so impatient and are afraid of this electoral process who are intolerant and are poised to foment violence to those they feel they don't like. This is not good for democracy.

Hon Mafa goes on to say 'Winning a post in the mass party is secondary...'  It is true indeed that after winning in a fairly contested party post one would have fulfilled the democratic space that would leave the movement in a stronger state. Instead of dividing the people the congress is meant to unite them and entrench the spirit of oneness. One should not be shoed away by others through violence, victimization and labeling as is happening in the MDC right now. The veterans are not happy with this culture of violence and threat of violence being perpetrated by some rowdy members.

The veterans should act and speak out on tolerance as what Hon Mafa, Coltart and Chamisa have done. They have an obligation to leave a legacy of democratic tendencies and tolerance. Without these democratic principles the party would be no different from Zanu-PF. Surely we can't let the party to be not democratic. We can't be just like those we are fighting. We are a movement fighting for Democratic space in Zimbabwe and that we should give without regretting.

According to Hon Mafa Noone has to die for winning or losing a party post. This should be a process that has to be done freely and fairly without begrudging each other. Labeling and taunting others is what the veterans like honorable Mafa has lived their whole lives fighting.They can't let the movement's dreams and aspirations to be trampled on. To them this congress has to be a family affair that should leave the party united and well oiled and ready to face the future. Instead of dividing the people the Congress should unite the party and make more strong.

In any organization the total respect of leadership is indeed a hallmark of maturity and undisputed leadership. Only cowards threaten their pecerved competitors in a bid to cow them from contesting them and I don't think we have a place for violence and thuggery in our movement. We are democrats and we need to stay focused lest we lose direction. A free, prosperous Zimbabwe is what we want.

NB. *Felix Mafa Sibanda is the Vice Chairperson of the VAA, a voluntary organization formed by the MDC veterans to mitigate on the families of victims of political persecution and lately Gukurahundi victims*

Source - Henry Madiro
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