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Civil servants pay increase

22 Mar 2019 at 21:57hrs | Views
The civil servants pay increase to be effected in April this year is one hell of a joke. What is wrong with these people's reasoning capacity. This is a toddler's game they playing here. How can you cheat your mind like this and play around with people's lives.

Practically this RTGS dollar is one is to six or ten. If you divide this so called increment to 500 dollars by the actual value of the RTGS dollar to the US dollar you have nothing.

This then practically means that civil servants have no pay, they are working for nothing at the end of the day. they are doing us a 'mahala' service. God forbid man. These crooks have stooped too low. They should stop beating about the bush. May be they are not supposed to be ruling this country already because their decisions don't sound serious.

The answer lies in getting rid of this RTGS dollar and introducing a strong currency now. If you cant solve problems for what really matters for the people then get off the chair. Why does this man think he is the best when in fact l he is the worst. I think as a country we need those political tools to get rid of a leader quickly when he has proved a failure like this one has.

This is absurd. We need a dialogue. There are influential people in this country that can get us to the international monetary organisations so we can access credit lines once we have proven to be travelling in the road to total democracy. In a serious dialogue between zanu of and the mdc chaired by a neutral person with an agenda made by participants from both sides, we may find the answer.

 At the moment the.arrogance by zanu-PF leadership is the impediment. They are.undermining the in abundant wisdom in this country which has already demonstrated that they should not be in power. They are trying to cheat logic and they may have to go the rough way. Civil servants should not waste time negotiating with them because they have no solution.

Clement Moyo (Mr)
+263 778 662 090/712:708 284

Source - Clement Moyo
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