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African leaders responsible for xenophobia in South Africa

28 Mar 2019 at 13:30hrs | Views
We condemn xenophobia currently underway in South Africa in the strongest terms it deserves, it cannot be justifiable. We have been watching some of the gruesome murders, maiming, and attempted murders by black South Africans against fellow black Africans.

According to the press, South Africans accuses fellow black Africans from across the continent of taking away their jobs. The South Africans complain that foreigners are taking away their jobs, houses, land, some even complain that foreigners are taking away their women, some complain that foreigners are responsible for the increase in crime in that country.

Despite the fact that the current wave of xenophobia attacks are taking place in Durban Kwazulu Natal's capital and specifically against foreign truck drivers, cases of looting from foreign-owned shops, indiscriminate attack of foreigners across the country are high. Some of the media platforms have suggested that South Africa's President C Ramaphosa's statement against illegal immigrants was a beat reckless, and have had an impact on the current xenophobia attacks.

It is not the first time that the issue of foreigners in South Africa has been brought up by senior government officials, political parties, traditional leaders and civic organizations in that country. Clearly, there is a need to broadly discuss and a lasting solution found. Hundreds have been killed in previous attacks, yet people keep going there, thus what needs to be interrogated.

I have seen other people suggesting that Africa must isolate South Africa, close borders and stop doing business with the country. But that is not the solution, right now despite the current xenophobia attacks, thousands are busy making their way to South Africa.

As far as I am concerned the African leaders are responsible for this. Why would people not travel and seek greener pastures if their governments are failing them? Prevention is a better cure. South Africa is a superpower in Africa but it allows their cronies rig elections across the continent.

It is public knowledge that way above a Million Zimbabweans are in South Africa legal or illegal because of political and economic instability in Zimbabwe.

If South Africa's President and his government take a turf stance on Zimbabwean coup government to return the country to Constitutionalism and lead the much-needed dialogue, thousands will voluntarily leave South Africa, lives and unnecessary tensions between South Africa and Zimbabweans, for example, will be reduced. Right now Zimbabweans have to choose between ZANU PF and Xenophobia. Same applies to Nigeria among many other countries.

Africa must just take a strong stand against African dictatorship, all presidents involved in human rights violations must be held accountable and face their crimes. Algeria, Sudan, Libya, Zimbabwe, among many other countries are currently leading in human rights violations against their own people. This is unacceptable.

We need to start looking into the causes of an influx of foreigners into South Africa, are those now calling for South Africa's isolation innocent of state-sponsored violence against own citizens?

Mbonisi Gumbo
Is a member of MRP writing in his personal capacity.

Source - Mbonisi Gumbo
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