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39 years without sniffer dogs…where is Zanu-PF taking us?

28 Mar 2019 at 20:46hrs | Views
It is so embarrassing that for 39 years former President Robert Mugabe and his power hungry Zanu Pf party failed to acquire helicopters and sniffer dogs, of which the later had to be borrowed from South Africa to retrieve dead bodies in Chimanimani. Minister of Local Government July Moyo had this to say I quote "We are now educated that sniffer dogs can sniff for gold, can sniff for mbanje or other drugs, but there are specially trained ones which can sniff for dead bodies and those ones we generally don't have them in Zimbabwe. Therefore, we are getting assistance from our neighbour in South Africa," Moyo said. Zanu PF on its own is an embarrassment to the international community how on earth a government which boasts of one of the best well trained and disciplined army fail to acquire military helicopters, this indeed sounds like a joke. My question to former President Robert Mugabe and current President Emmerson Mnangagwa is what were you doing for all these years? Because you really can't spend all the money on corruption, globetrotting, rigging elections and abducting your political opponents.

Zimbabwe indeed have become a laughing stock considering how it was once under the regime of the late Ian Smith and how it became under uncle Bob and how it has fallen under the Crocodile, one can surely write a book about the once famous bread basket of Africa. Faced with a collapsing economy, unemployed youths, poor governance, lack of investors confidence, collapse of health delivery, you can name them all because Zimbabwe's problems are just too many for Mnangagwa and his team to handle and even solve. A true statesman will not just rig the election but should also rig the economy and that's where the mighty Mnangagwa is failing to maneuver through, ED has failed to master the art of rigging the economy, until and only when he has mastered that art this man will continue to have nightmares at State House.

 President Mnangagwa should try and minimize his globetrotting and rather use skype or WhatsApp video calls to embark on his international engagements programmes. Skype is actually way cheaper than hiring expensive private jets. Mnangagwa's biggest stumbling block is Vice President Chiwenga and his military cabals, as long as the army remains active in Zimbabwe's government policy formulation and governance, Zimbabweans will continue to burn in the hands of ED. President Mnangagwa risk a civil unrest if the above mentioned problems are not solved cause Zimbabweans are now losing patience with a confused Head of State who seems to be enjoying flying at the expense of hungry Zimbabweans.

With the worsening of the economic situation in Zimbabwe very soon major towns will be turned into war zones as the civilians are now losing patience with the unpopular president who once described himself to be as soft as wool. If the government is not aware that the people will soon go back to the streets they will be caught unaware. The situation in Zimbabwe is now beyond MDC Alliance and soon everyone especially the youths will be at the forefront of uncontrollable riots against the government. Harare in particular will be a war zone and ED will soon be no longer be able to control the situation.

President Mnangagwa's failure to transform the economy pointing his poor governance skills on imposed sanctions and MDC Alliance activities, will soon backfire him as Zimbabwe is about to become ungovernable. ED might last longer than his purported time but his tenure will be full of misery day in day out, his government has failed to implement the democratic reforms which are critically needed to unlock investment rather his administration has chosen to shoot from the back. President Emmerson Mnangagwa seem to have inherited brutality from Robert Mugabe and the art of servant leadership is totally an alien to him.

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