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Biti is key to MDC-Alliance, and this congress must be negotiated to avert a split

02 Apr 2019 at 09:58hrs | Views
What MDC Alliance forgets is that you need international recognition and legitimacy after congress. I have earlier on reiterated that Chamisa needs key people around him and he must do away with praise singers' around him, bootlickers will cost him in the near future. Chamisa you need clear advice and sound information. For whatever reason, you need Biti, for whatever reasons mainly because Biti is backed by many international partners. Whilst there may be some disgruntlements within the structures of how Biti took party assets and money and vanished, could be a story for another day. You have to know the existence of the alliance. Why is it called the alliance? Did you educate your structures why Biti is in the so called MDC Alliance? Food for thought. What then this means is that, you need technical assistance around you to assist you on how to run party affairs. Yes they may be right, Biti went away with large sums of money, but for now you must know the reason why this mutual understanding is in existence. My suggestion would be, I think it is key for Mr. President to go on a country wide tour and educate your party structures before congress, the reasons why there is a congress, the Biti/ Welshman factor, the Mwonzora debacle. The Chamisa chete chete mantra must stop, if you want to avert a split. You need people who will challenge you and give you the proper information.

Look at Cow-dry park loss, was it necessary? There is need for the party to come up with an inventory system where key research areas must be tabled. You need sound people around you. I won't mention names, but judging with what I'm seeing a lot of problems ahead of 2023. No need for excitement with power, you need a strong team ahead of future crunch. For me another best option could be a negotiated congress in some key positions. You can either reserve some key areas for allies or you would rather, bring them back into the national council/ via national executive to avert a serious crisis. I would rather suggest that every department needs technical people, besides those elected into office e.g. organizing department needs innovative people who are sound in well experienced academic areas such as business administration. A congress is determined by popularity. One can be popular on the ground and a bootlicker at the same time. Look at your parliament, Mr. President? I'm very disappointed, some of the lieutenants in parliament, are just there for money and cars (fuel coupons). Would you like such a scenario? This can jeopardize your State House chances ahead of future elections. There are so many people who are feeding you with lies, look at Cow dry Park, double candidature, and what exactly is this? MDC Alliance is there to provide checks and balance. You must have a wakeup call and realize your role as an energetic opposition. My suggestion is come up with strategic retreats and go back to the drawing board, and discuss on what went wrong. Where is Ben Manyenyeni? Where is Ian Makone? Where is Femai? Where are the elders? The party needs serious introspection and reflect before and after congress.

There is need to instil disciplinary measures, guide the party, against distortion on social media and imagine some of your standing committee members post party secrets and meetings on Facebook and twitter, what is that? For me Douglas Mwonzora may not be a factor, in the presidential race, but you need him, you need to close ranks, work on a negotiating idea which will see Mwonzora securing something. What you need is team building, you need a strong party after congress and the congress is simply a process of cleansing the party, so that you can come up with new ideas. It's never too late, you can come out with the best. Remove bootlickers around you, the issue of competence must be dealt with. Coming back to the Biti factor, you need the issue of legitimacy, and you must remain with the best cream, people who can challenge you, and tell you things you don't want to hear, so Biti could be one of them, Welshman and Mwonzora. Keeping Mwonzora as your arch-rivalry is key, this will help you to provide checks and balances. Lastly but not the least, if democracy exists in the MDC Alliance, why can't you simply deal with   the issue of women quota. There is too much male dominance in the MDC Alliance, I would suggest mature and stable people like Lynette Karenyi can be the best for you, she is key and well oriented for result based monitoring evaluation system to provide proper checks and balance.

The following can form a best team for you:
1. Nelson Chamisa ( President), VP  Morgan Komichi, VP , Lynette Karenyi VP, Welshman Ncube VP, SG Tendai Biti, Deputy SG Concilia Chinanzvawana, Douglas Mwonzora- Treasurer, Happymore Chidziwa- Deputy Chairman, Tabitha Khumalo- Chairperson, Dr Tapiwa Mashakada can deputize Mwonzora. This can be negotiated. You need technical people around this team. Vimbai Tsvangirai the daughter of the late icon can lead the women assembly or she can be the secretary. You also need to realize the Tsvangirai factor. So basically you need to balance, to avert a split and also to come out with the best cream. Lovemore Chinoputsa can do well in the youth assembly, and Hwende can be good in international relations. Your party needs someone better in international relations and Policy department.

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo writes in his personal capacity as an academic and Policy Analyst, and he is also a leading consultant in Project Management, he is studying Doctor of Philosophy at Women's University of Africa and he can be contacted at

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Source - Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo
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