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MLF not hoodwinked by Mnangagwa's bluff over Mthwakazi issues

03 Apr 2019 at 15:07hrs | Views
We warn those of us who are quick to see a saviour in Emmerson Munangagwa to put brakes in their quest to appease him and the Zimbabwe Government in Harare. For starters, it is mind-boggling to hear that Matabeleland Collective believes that Mnangagwa is a listening President. A listening President is one who seeks to uphold justice, truth and reconciliation. We say he may be healthy in that his ears are able to hear what is said but that alone does deserve him being said to be a good listener. Since the 80s he has held on ZAPU properties, has been part of the click that has refused descent burials for the victims of the genocide that he was instrumental in its planning and execution.

As MLF, we propose a counter Collective -Mthwakazi Collective whose objective will be to tell "the listening" President that Mthwakazi wants out of binary Zimbabwe.  We cannot kneel and go to the extent of lying to the killer of our fathers that he has since turned into holiness.

No, no, no never! Mnangagwa must answer to a Court if law and be clean on his involvement in the Genocide. It is a crime and sin against humanity and God to kill people and later rule them by conquest and even go to the extent of pretending that nothing happened. Is it not better to part ways with such people. Certainly, Mnangagwa must justify his presidency over people who weep day and night for justice denied. It is extremely cruel to expect Mthwakazi to wake up and clap hands for the killer of their families. May sanity prevail over hunger, fear and hope of being chosen for political positions that premised on perpetual enslavement of Mthwakazi.

We warn the Matabeleland Collective to stop being used by Britain to cover its blood-stained hands. There is nothing that haunts Britain like its participation in the mass killings of Mthwakazi people and now it wants to use this Matabeleland Collective to cover itself. We say let no Gukurahundi victim is exhumed without proper means being followed because, at the end of the day, we want the perpetrators of the genocide, jailed.

Vuka Mthwakazi Vuka!!!! Abantu Yithi!!!!

Source - David Magagula
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