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Open letter to Tabitha khumalo

04 Apr 2019 at 16:42hrs | Views
It is so sad to see the once great Party of excellence lose it's dignity and respect in your own hands Madam Chair,

Truly speaking as a Chairperson you are supposed to unite people but instead, you are doing the opposite and fueling factionalism in Bulawayo and Luveve district to be specific.

First of all, in the recent by-election, the party lost a seat to ZANU PF in ward 28 of because of the fact that you signed nomination papers for Collet Ndlovu alongside Mwonzwora. The very same Ndlovu who defrauded Cowdray Park residents large sums of money.

The very same Collet who is always in and out of courts due to acts of violence…(and then you expect the party to win.)

Fast forward to three days before the by-elections, you were not even ashamed to come to Cowdray park to declare Ndlovu as the sole MDC  Alliance candidate. After having suspended the people's choice Sis Nomagugu Mloyi how can you come and declare someone whom two days before 31 March was in police custody in connection with the viral machete murder?

Okay, fine Madam Chair ...the seat is gone... (Sikhala sonke).

Fast forward to Congress. You know there was an Independent candidate in Ward 16 (What did u do?) The very same Robert Mlilo is still in the party supervising grassroots congress election alongside Collet, really Skhokho sami.

The very same independent candidate is still a district member and his chief election agent Malusi Fuyana is still a Ward chair...Tsvangirai must be turning in his grave.

Let's be realistic and admit that there is chaos eLuveve.  How can beerhall security Ka Collet chase way people at ward congress elections, alongside Kambarami, oh wait isn't he the deputy Mayor a district Chair from Bulawayo East? So why was he there conducting elections in ward 16? Was it necessary for Collet's bouncers to come and harass the people alongside party security?

It's so sad that you get chased out of the party you have worked so hard for by amabhemba (machetes), let's look into it. We will need those 50 something youths they chased away on Tuesday in 2023.

Collet Ndlovu has killed the party and you are watching please take action.

Source - John Mutekerwi
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