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Zimbabwe on the knife edge

13 Apr 2019 at 15:52hrs | Views
Legitimacy issues will  continue to follow Mnangagwa. All forms of cheating were applied, hence our elections fell below international  standards, thus the continuation of sanctions.

We are the only country in Sadc region that denies its people in the diaspora the right to cast their vote. The reason advanced is logistics yet Zanu-PF knows it has zero support out there, the world is not hoodwinked by that. We are the only country whose ballot paper suddenly starts with a Munangagwa on the other column yet it must be in an alphabetical order. That is what is in the electoral law. Again the world  can not be cheated by that.

We are the only country whose state broadcaster is not ashamed to be so partisan in an election, spewing propaganda but then the world also sees this.

We are the only country  whose  chiefs pronounce open support for a party, which is against the law, again the world sees this. We also have an electoral body the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission that openly supports one of the contestants, the world sees it.

We are the only country which allows the deployment of the army and shoot people during and after elections and demonstrations and no one takes responsibility.

We are the only country which does not have its own currency and we keep on changing it like we are changing diapers.
Despite all this, someone gets only 33% . There is no legitimacy, so President Emmerson Mnangagwa will only serve to be remembered as failed President much worse  than Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

Nearly 90% of the people  in diaspora wanted to come back home soon after Mugabe was removed but could not do so as the so called new republic cemented it's grip on power.

They adopted an ostrich approach to see how the new leader was performing. A year later true colours of this new leader started showing and people lost all the hope. Some argued that it was too early to gudge him and was supposed to be given a benefit of doubt.

Come election time it was written on the wall for everybody to see. On the election date and during counting figures were doctored and changed thrice. All the hopes were dashed.

The diaspora and remained holed up in their respective places and did not attempt to come back home.

Seven demonstrators were shot dead by the army. Until now no-one knows who unleashed the soldiers.

Other people were killed again by the same army during demonstrations and this heavily tarnished the image of the country. Efforts to re-engage with the West hit a brick wall and sanctions against Zimbabwe were maintained and reviewed  again.

The economy is not performing and the RTGS is already tumbling against the US$. All the hope is lost. The President spends much of his time globe trotting coming home with nothing.

This is the sad story of my country Zimbabwe.
It's sad that a once vibrant economy of the country has hit low levels.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa thinks he can do it at the former President's level. The truth is that he is not like him and can never be. Robert Mugabe was too smart.  Shooting people when the world press is watching and taking pictures is not so very smart. Shooting people in the back is especially very retarded from whatever angle you look at it.

The government went on to accuse the dead of being regime change agents just took the trough of the most crazy moments of 2018.

Now a pariah, an outcast only allowed visiting the darkest corners of the world while other African presidents are shining.

The good examples of reforms and advancement are notable and van be seen.  Its unfortunate that our President is now posing a lonely figure hardly recognisable from the November 2017 coup which everyone witnessed. Trying to dazzle with bling private jets has failed to transform him into the great statesman he envisaged just 24 months ago.

The President's adminstration has dismally failed to address the real issues affecting people on the ground and the whole advisory team cannot find solutions to real economic fundamental issues affecting the country.

People in Zimbabwe are not all that  fancy and do not spend beyond what they earn but they can't afford or access basic commodities as they are beyond their reach.

The economy is in shumbles and needs an urgent attention. People deserve decent service delivery and lives. Prices of basic staple goods are going up,  affecting the price of maize meal and bread. Prices of basic commodities are  going wild. Parents are facing challenges in paying school fees.

The RTGS /$US rates are falling. Savings have been eroded. Workers' salaries remain unchanged.

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