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Reburial of the victims of Gukurahundi

17 Apr 2019 at 10:01hrs | Views
We the children of Silobela welcome the news of the proposed reburial of the victims of Gukurahundi.

We believe it is a noble idea for the government to do its duty that is long overdue.

It will indeed help the diseased victims rest in peace and bring closure of a sad chapter to the living victims.

We therefore call upon the government of Zimbabwe to help us recover the following people, hereby named as 'The Silobela Eleven' that is obaba uMthethwa, Baleni, Cephus Ndebele, Lagu Ncube, Mbulawa Mnkandla, Tshabalala, Hlongwane, Majikeduze Mabhikwa, Simon Siginya Dube, baba Mkhuphuli and Jabulani Viki.

Let the world be informed that the above mentioned men were abducted by the Zimbabwe Security officials at night from their homes during early 80s. Never to be seen again. We are still waiting for their return.

As for us the victims,  this chapter can be closed only if the following questions and actions are taken into consideration.

Question 1. We would like to know the whereabouts of our fathers, whether alive or dead.

Question 2. What was their offense that led them to be arrested.

Question 3. Which court of law found them guilty and sentenced them to death if they were killed.

Question 4. Who were the perpetrators of their arrest and death.

Question 5. What is the government of Zimbabwe going to do with the perpetrators of their abduction and death.

Question 6. Is the government of Zimbabwe going to compensate the families of The Silobela Eleven?

Action to be taken:
1.    We demand compensation, basing our demand on the ground that The Silobela Eleven members were the breadwinners of their respective families.

Not only human life was lost when they were killed but financial support was lost by their families.

We, their children are not educated, because;

1. We did not access birth certificates.

2. We had no financial support to continue with education.  

That will see our generation passing poverty to the next generation.

2.    It must be pointed out that our fathers were not dogs that the government will exhume their bodies and bring them to us and say "here are the bones of your fathers, bury them," and then all is well.

They were human beings, their deaths must be investigated and the truth of it must come out.

The murderers must face the law and if found guilty be punished according to the laws of the country. Justice must take be done.

It is only then that we the children of Silobela will find peace and allow the bygones to be the bygones.

If the government deals with this tragedy the other way round, it will be demonstrating its arrogance and lack of respect towards us.

We call upon the international community to help us the victims of a well planned, orchestrated and executed operation dubbed Gukurahundi find closure.

Injustice to us is an injustice to the world.
Written by
Cde Godfrey Viki
ZAPU Silobela Activist
Contact numbers: +27 638787716
Email address:

Source - Cde Godfrey Viki
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