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Remove Zimbabwe flag from Mthwakazi

18 Apr 2019 at 07:46hrs | Views
Every time we look at the Zimbabwe flag flying high in the places of our Country Mthwakazi we feel very enslaved.That flag reminds us of the daily suffering the Zimbabwean evil regime has been putting us through since the British Colonial masters passed Mthwakazi to continue being colonized by Zimbabwe.

The flag symbolizes subjugation and nothing else.

It is prudent for Mthwakazi, especially the Youth, to remove the flags of bandage from our Country Mthwakazi.

A flag must fly with dignity and pride from its people which is not the case with the Zimbabwe colonial flag.To Mthwakazi, the Zimbabwean flag is a symbol of oppression, slavery, subjugation and is derogatory. The red colour reminds us of the lost lives of our people whom they slaughtered deliberately in cold blood while the black colour symbolises the bad spells that their witch, Nehanda casted on Mthwakazi. Today, as Shonas celebrate forced to rule over Mthwakazi, let no Mthwakazian join them and let no of doom fly over our land.  


Source - David Magagula
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