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Credible team and sound advice ahead of Elective Congress

20 Apr 2019 at 08:12hrs | Views
Those who have been consistent from 1999, are likely to be beneficiaries of this congress, and secondly off course the Chamisa factor. The Chamisa factor plays a pivotal role on the basis of selection. My problem is bootlickers and opportunists gambling with the people's movement using money to wrestle power from credible people. Be warned Advocate Chamisa, these people will topple you in future. I will be honest with my opinion, I won't go against my conscience. What President Advocate Chamisa needs is a CREDIBLE TEAM and honest people with integrity around him.

The good news is that, the elective congress is still in progress, the delegates' needs to know what kind of people are they voting for. Some made nominations out of intimidation, frustration or retaliation, but look you need an honest opinion so that you can deliver the best ahead of 2023 agenda. The 2014 unfinished business has resurfaced and this will give birth to a healthy democratic movement. It's time to move on. What is key is for a united movement to forge an alliance or a political pact with all factions for a bigger task.

Elective congresses have their own political and internal dynamics which has nothing to do with public gallery. What you need to understand is that the team that suffered a major setback in 2014 congress is now in charge and they have gained a political upper hand perhaps because of the incumbency. Those who fought in Chamisa's corner during the 2018 debacle to wrestle power from the likes of Khupe and Mwonzora are looking forward to be rewarded. The likes of Hwende, Timveous, Komichi, and Mutseyami are likely to benefit from this congress. It is high unlikely to see people from the opposite camp going through.

Basically this is a tug of war between Mwonzora and Chamisa faction. Those who were believed to be fighting in Mwonzora's corner have been trounced in this game. What we are witnessing is a 2014 shadow following the party, and I think Chamisa needs to deal with this once and for all. Chamisa you need a credible team ahead of future assignments.

To be quite honest I only salute two provinces, Harare, Masvingo and partly Bulawayo for fair nominations, the rest it was out of pressure and emotions. Personally I feel the organizing team would have done the best, but this was done out of political interest. To be frank, some of the characters nominated cannot match international standards to defeat Zanu-PF. You need people who can deliver the best, people who can provide a benchmark for LEGITIMACY. Let me outline a credible team which can deliver the best.

President   :     Advocate Nelson Chamisa

He is a fair guy, who has done his best to deliver better results in 2018. Looking at history, there is no doubt he can deliver. What he only needs credible people around him, he must weed criminals around him who want to pretend to be smart politically. Particularly those who are singing the CHAMISA CHETE CHETE, they must live up to reality. He has achieved a lot, he holds several degrees, and he is a good lawyer with a balanced judgment. He was once an ICT Minister who performed well during the inclusive arrangement. For Presidency he is fine and he only needs to correct few anomalies to deliver the best.

Vice President:    Morgan Komichi

Komichi is good but he must not be allowed near election matters. He must stick to other core business and other assignments. I suggest he can be assigned to building and strengthening structures. He messed big time on elections and I think it's not a good idea. To me he is loyalist not to Chamisa but the movement. He can't betray the struggle, he is consistent and gives a fair judgment. He deserves Vice Presidency on this coming congress. Komichi holds a Masters, and he has vast experience in labour issues, which will help him to build the party.

Vice President:     Welshman Ncube

Welshman carries a tribal tag which is key for balance and maturity. He carries maturity on him, he preserves the integrity of the party around the Presidency. He is academic sound, he is not easily carried away with minors, he is also crucial by bringing stability on board. He is credible and he has sound reputation on him. To be frank, Welshman is credible and he is level headed. Let the party bury the past and work together with Welshman. The tribal tag is key, the Bulawayo based barrister commands respect across political divide. He is also a professor in Law. The party needs strong advisors who brings much input to the party.

Vice President:  Lynette Karenyi (Amai Kore)

Lynette Karenyi is stable, mature and level headed. She campaigned vigorously for Nelson Chamisa during the 2018 harmonized elections which makes her a key figure in future assignments. It will be very difficult to dismiss Karenyi for now, she carries more weight in the party. Karenyi brings stability on the movement, it would be ideal for Chamisa to fully support her candidature. Karenyi is from Manicaland and this will balance the Manicaland politics, despite suffering major setbacks from the likes of Mutseyami who does not bring much value to the party, she has survived in the cockpit. She is a moderator, a unifier, mature, honest and level headed. Amongst all the MDC women, to be frank she is the most CREDIBLE character for Vice Presidency. For now it's good to maintain balance, Chamisa must not allow bootlickers to mislead him by kicking out the likes of Karenyi. What we have witnessed is opportunists and bootlickers hanging around Nelson Chamisa to mislead the Presidency by sabotaging key people for 2023 agenda.

Secretary General:  Daniel Molokele

Daniel Molokele is a lawyer by profession who holds reputable and credible credentials who can help the party to pass the benchmark of LEGITIMACY AND CREDIBILITY. Remember you need donors and development partners and the likes of Molokele can deliver the best. Molokele who holds a LLB in Law, Masters in Law had performed tremendously well in the area of law. He has vast business interests ranging from agronomy, retail trade and several law firms. He is a member of the national executive committee, he is also a Member of Parliament. He is also a member of the credible Pan African parliament. Molokele has been a speaker on international platforms, he is level headed, and he is tolerant and not biased. His moral standing in the MDC family is acceptable. To me it's fair if he is given a chance, he also carries a tribal tag on him which brings Matabeleland vote to closure. He is a crowd puller. He led ZINASU as the Vice President and he also led Southern Africa Regional Programme (SARP), he also holds Masters in Business Administration from The African Leadership University which is based in Kigali in Rwanda.

Deputy SG:  Concilia Chinanzvawana

She is level headed, well balanced and mature. Her educational background sound more credible. She is ideal for DSG, looking at Mash West in the standing committee, she is the best person to represent the province. He brings wealth experience in politics, and on gender and ethnic balance she can do a better job. He chairs several committees in the house of assembly. She is also a member of parliament.

National Chairperson:  Tabitha Khumalo

She has been a pillar in the Democratic Movement from Tsvangirai's days and labour union. She brought of stability in Matabeleland, on political and tribal grounds. She fought hard for Nelson Chamisa during the Khupe days when his ascension to power was under threat, she fought in his corner. She only needs to be fair and well balanced and represent everyone, do away with factional politics.

Vice Chairman Office:   I recommend two people and delegates will choose anyone amongst these two. They are all good.

Vice Chairman (1)   :   Happymore Chidziwa
Chidziwa is good, stable and hardworking person. He is consistent, level headed and steady and he can deliver the best. He has been consistent in politics. What matters most on this elective congress, people are going to choose those who have been consistent during Tsvangirai's days. He is now a member of parliament and he has an advantage of strong support base from the young wing. He is competing against Sikhala who may have hurdles because of the support from youths and women. Chidziwa is neutral and level headed.
Vice Chairman (2):  Job Sikhala
Sikhala is a key figure in national politics. He also holds a Law degree from University of Zimbabwe. He has been an activist from Tsvangirai days and he fought May political battles. He is brave. His major challenge is consistency, when he led a breakaway, and later on bounced back. He is mature and level headed. His major problem is going to be support from main wings such women assembly and youth wings. Looking at all ankles he may face a stiff challenge from Chidziwa.

Treasurer General:   David Coltart
You need someone with international appeal and credible. Someone of good reputation and sound advice. What is it that he is going to bring on board? Coltart is not a yes man, he is not a push over, and he is a straight guy who holds powerful credentials in business and legal fraternity. He is level headed and sound good for the post.

Deputy Treasurer General:  Dr Tapiwa Mashakada
He is sound in Economics, and he has the right qualifications, his major challenge is that he is too soft, too academics on politics and he needs to increase his visibility in politics. He is not actively involved in party politics which makes it difficult for him to be marketable for bigger assignments. Generally he is good and level headed for the post of the deputy Treasurer General.

International Relations: Tendai Biti
He is an eloquent guy, he is a well-known barrister and human rights defender, and he has vast experience in politics and economics. I think generally the guy can do well in advisory work to the President. He can occupy the post of international Relations secretary which I have no doubt that he can deliver the best.

Legal Advisor and Constitutional Secretary: Douglas Mwonzora
He can be good on checking the party by providing checks and balance on the party constitution and advising the President on legal matters. This office can be full time and he can deliver the best. This will close factional gap in the party and this will close bridges between his faction and the rivalry camp.

Chamisa needs to appoint the following:
1.    Political advisor
2.    Chief advisor
3.    Policy advisor
4.    Economic advisor
5.    First Vice President ( Politics – Morgan Komichi)
6.    Second Vice President ( Administration – Welshman Ncube)
7.    Third Vice President ( Organizing & Elections – Lynette Karenyi – Kore)

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo holds a B.A from Solusi University, M.A University of Lusaka, Zambia and Doctor of Philosophy (Candidate), from Women's University of Africa, Zimbabwe and he holds a post-grad Qualification in Project Management from University of Zimbabwe (UZ), and Certificate in Business Leadership and he can be contacted at
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Source - Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo
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