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Mr Selo Nare's "Justice" must be Real Justice.

23 Apr 2019 at 11:02hrs | Views
A report by CITE quotes Mr. Selo Nare the Chairman of the National Peace and Reconciliation as saying that he wants to see justice prevailing on the issue of Gukurahundi. These are good words but the general public of Matabeleland was not even convinced by the composition of the Commission itself that was exclusively made up of Zanu PF members. There were disruptions at its meetings in Bulawayo, Matabeleland North and Gwanda as people protested against commissioners. As to whether they will believe that the Commission will give them the justice denied for over 40 years one has to wait and see.

Then there was this funny and indeed clumsy part in that report alleging that there was the ‘killing of 1,500 political dissidents and other civilians'. Just exactly what is a political dissident? Did these words come from the commissioner or they are there by insinuation? They simply confirm that people were murdered for their political affiliation and not for carrying arms to fight the government of the day. And the figure of 1,500, where is that coming from?  Such bits and pieces of deliberate distortions no matter from which source cannot lead to any justice for the victims because it is not a crime to have a different political view.

The Chairman of the Commission revealed that there are human bones KoSiphepha that dogs eat from time to time. They are from a mass grave.  Obviously these are known people who were murdered. Murder is a crime. Their descent reburial alone does not mean justice has been done. The Commission Chairman has a task to convince the family members that there will be justice indeed as defined by international law. The people can't just be told that ‘' these are the bones of your family member. We are now reburying them."

Thousands of Zimbabweans are scattered all over the world and there are still some in Dukwe Refugee Camp in Botswana who fled Gukurahundi. They are still afraid of the still intact ZanuPF murderous machinery. How will these be included in this ZanuPF administered reconciliation process? How will they accept Perence Shiri, Black Jesus, through his representatives giving them the bones of their family members that he murdered screaming : Pasi na Nkomo pasi ne Zapu?

Justice for the genuine Gukurahundi victims can be only achieved if there is a neutral administrator of the process and never by the murderer himself using a so called Matebeleland Collective. This collective includes individual shebeen queens and some street money changers who have been illegal until they met Mnangagwa for the coffee bar at his State House.

Source - Byo24News
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