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Comprehensive Analysis of a COMPETENT MDC vice Presidency team

24 Apr 2019 at 08:21hrs | Views
Morgan Komichi (1), Welshman Ncube (2), Lynette Karenyi (3)

Vice Presidency is a key component in any organisation which requires caution when making concrete decisions. Politics is taking shape in the movement for Democratic Change and the dilemma surrounding the office of Vice Presidency. The office of Vice Presidency requires maturity, level headed, sober and competent. When one assumes the office of Vice Presidency, he or she is next in line to succeed the incumbency. It is not about wealthy or vote buying, but it is about preserving the integrity of the office. In order to bring stability and consistency and cohesion in the democratic movement it is key to consider the qualities of leadership and development. There is need for a competitive team to surround Nelson Chamisa, for strategic decision making and well informed decisions. It would be prudent for delegates to consider the following qualities before throwing all sorts of insults, leadership is not about materialism or vote buying, and it is about providing stability and maturity. The agenda of the congress is to establish a winning team that will face a resisting Zanu-PF. This process requires careful consideration before voting begins. Before delegates vote people into office, they need to consider what exactly is an individual going to bring in the movement? It's not about throwing names, the office of the Deputy Presidency requires maximum attention and careful consideration before voting.

The following will be considered on the office of Deputy Presidency by delegates:

1.    Competency
2.    Maturity
3.    Consistency
4.    Regionalism
5.    Seniority
6.    Level headed
7.    Sober
8.    Stability
9.    Cohesion                                        
10.  Leadership

Morgan Komichi

-    Komichi is consistent with the party and he has been with the party since 1999.
-    He brings a lot of stability in the party. He brings wealthy experience in politics.
-    He is loyal to Nelson Chamisa and the party which is likely to help him to get through.
-    Komichi is mature, he is steady and level headed.
-    He is also sober.
-    Delegates will not allow two alliance partners to surround the President because of the experiences resulting in splits, they would rather allow only one, and Welshman will stand a greater chance because of regionalism.
-    He provides leadership and consistent in politics.
-    He has vast experience and wealthy background from labour backed movement (ZCTU).
-    He has well oriented history evolving the struggle.
-    He holds a Masters and several qualifications
-    Komichi is a wide reader and researcher.
-    He is a good administrator who can be in charge of party affairs in the absence of the President
-    He campaigned vigorously for Nelson Chamisa during the 2018 harmonized elections.

Welshman Ncube
-    The issue of regionalism and tribal balance cannot be ignored.
-    Remember we have future elections and it is key to have a mature representative
-    Welshman carries a tribal tag on him which brings stability and ethnic balance on the presidium.
-    He has vast and wealthy experience on labour and law matters which will assist the party on policy formulation
-    He is a sound academic and recommended barrister within the continent
-    He brings a lot of credibility in terms of international community is concerned.
-    He brings a lot of maturity and he is level headed.
-    He is a well-established business man and strong networking in international law.
-    He is a unifier and resembles progressive politics

Lynette Karenyi
-    Karenyi (Amai Kore), is consistent in politics.
-    She does not follow political waves
-    He is principled
-    She is level headed
-    She is sober
-    She is mature and does not hold grudges
-    She preserves the integrity of the party
-    She carries a key regional tag which cannot be brushed aside considering that she is a heavyweight, and this can bring stability to the party.
-    She is well balanced and she resembles the best of a dignified mother.
-    She is a crowd puller and she speaks sense.
-    She campaigned vigorously for Nelson Chamisa in 2018 which led to 2.6 million votes.
-    She enrolled for a Development studies degree from Zimbabwe Open University.
-    Despite facing political hurdles in 2018 to contest in Dangamvura, she remained consistent and formulation of progressive politics.
The above named (3) nominees can do the best for Nelson Chamisa. To be honest, the three can strengthen his leadership. They are capable of providing sound advice and competency. Chamisa should not be easily carried away by the political waves of those masquerading as faithful politicians who may end up throwing him under the bus. Tendai Biti is good, he has vast experience, but his major challenge is the previous split which people may judge him harshly and it may be difficult to accommodate him in the office of the Vice Presidency. It would be prudent for Biti to contest the Deputy Chairmanship and then rise gradually. The issue of party assets which the PDP went with will be very difficult to absorb. Paurene Mpariwah is good, she has good historical background, she comes from ZCTU, but her major challenge is the political clout. Tracy Mutinhiri lacks the appeal to MDC family who may find it difficult to accommodate a former senior Zanu-PF person. Automatically she is out. I would suggest if national council can amend the nominations, they may allow Paurene Mpariwah to go for women Assembly chair position, this can bring stability. Kore has left a big vacuum in that position which may be difficult to fill in.

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo is an academic, Policy Maker, Policy Analyst, Development practitioner and leading Project Management Consultant and he is studying Doctor of Philosophy at Women's University of Africa and he can be contacted at

Source - Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo
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