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How Matebeleland could immediately prosper itself

26 Apr 2019 at 06:35hrs | Views
Matebeleland is the most potentially wealthiest Nation in the entire Southern Hemisphere of this planet. What we need to do, to tap into that wealth, are a few simple, but educated steps.

The first of the educated steps which we must take as a Nation, is to find out who we are? Why we are? Why we are currently under the authority of selfish poverty-generating impostors? Once we become honest, I mean "very honest" about that, we would stand up in Mighty National Unison, and fence off our region, and restore Law, Order, Pride, Justice, Fairness, Opportunity and untap the Wealth within.

Who are we?

We are a Ndebele Nation, not Tribe.

 If you lack School, please!!! and you do not understand DEFINITIONS, please stop reading now because you will be radicalized to the wrong direction. People who did their education till Form 4 are many, and some of them are incapable of understanding definitions. So, if you do not understand the meaning of words like "Nation", do not read this article.

Back to the point. Matebeleland is our Country, our home. "Our" means shared by many, so, avoid individualizing our shared home. This Great Nation was founded by King Mzilikazi in 1830, and no amount of hate can undo, or rewrite that.

 In 1819, King Mzilikazi left Zululand with 600 people and a thousand herd of cattle. On his way up North, The King conquered many tribes and assimilated them into his group. Because of their Military might, and their long assegais, Mzilikazi's group were given the name of "Mate Bele" by the Sotho tribes in modern day South Africa. The group then called itself "maNde Bele", later simplified into "amaNdebele".

On their way up North, further away from Sotho lands, the Ndebele kept conquering and assimilating small weak tribes into their numbers. By the time they reached Mthwakazi, they had assimilated the Sotho, Pedi, Venda, Tswana, Xhosa, Swazi, Batwa, Hlubi, Fengu and Bhaca, into their Zulu tribe which was the King's tribe.

On settling in Zimbabwe, King Mzilikazi found the Karanga fighting perpetual inter-wars amongst themselves and fighting other far away tribes like the Zezuru. There was no definitive leader in Zimbabwe at that time who could unite all the people into a Nation. Everyone wanted to rule as it is in Zanu today, and their kind of rulership was all focussed-on self, rather than National. That philosophy was incapable to form a Nation with many tribes.There was no idea of forming a National Guard or an Army to defend a territory called "our land", which is why it became easy for Mzilikazi to just walk over them without any resistance.

Mzilikazi changed all that in seven years time. He established a sophisticated Government with a Head of State called King Mzilikazi. He fought and conquered the local tribes and assimilated them into his Nation, and created Law, Peace, Prosperity, Security, Pride, and sense of a modern Nation in the land.

Most of the conquered tribes were assimilated into the Ndebele Nation and they became the proudest, wealthiest, most secure and an envy to anyone who was left outside the Kings area of influence. Most locally assimilated tribes, who made the majority in a Nation of about a Million, changed their surnames from Mbizi into Dube. Shumba into Sibanda. Shoko into Ncube. Mhofu into Mpofu. Zhou into Ndlovu. These surnames they were taking were already existent within the Zulu originals. Up to this day, the majority of these surnames, used in Matebeleland today, are of locals. Locals are Venda, Karanga, Tonga, Kalanga, Rozvi, and San.

Today after 190 years since Mzilikazi landed here, no one is able to tell which Dube originated from Zululand, and which one was locally sourced? Bear in mind that only six hundred Zulus left Zululand with Mzilikazi. The hundreds of thousands of the Ndebele Nation by 1850, were assimilated locally.

By 1850, people were travelling into Mzilikazi's Country seeking for security and better life, running away from Karanga to Karanga or to Zezuru perpetual wars.It was a pride to become a Ndebele. It was pride to be granted a stay under the King. One was guaranteed security, sense of belonging, wealth generation opportunity, respect, and honor.  Permition was required to enter Matebelaland long before the White Man came. Even the Whites sought permition to come here, though for wrong reasons.

A Ndebele man of today needs higher education to understand the coplex composition of our Ndebele Nation as it stands today. A resurrected Mzilikazi would throw some Ndebele assimilants back to Mashonaland today for failing to abide by the terms of assimilation.

 Assimilation meant that one had become a Ndebele National FULLY, and one had to respect the composition of this Nation in its entirety, for continuity reasons.

If a Sotho stood up from the Ndebele Nation, and pointed at a Zulu within the Nation, calling his tribe bad, it would threaten the very Ndebele National Cohesiveness. Such an element would need to be educated or sent back to where his ancestors were captured. We have sprouting elements like that today within our Nation. Surprisingly enough, those elements insult very the tribe from which they were captured out of ignorance and identity crisis. A predominantly Zulu in Mthwakazi Nation talks very well about the Zulus back in Zululand. Same as the Sotho, Venda, Swazi, Tswana etc.

 It is very unfortunate that the tribes who were locally assimilated by Mzilikazi, are the ones making threats against local far away tribes from which these assimilants  were captured. They seem to want to continue with the inherent culture of perpertual tribal wars which Mzilikazi found them mastering in 1830s.

Even today, 190 years after Mzilikazi taught this country what unity and quality Governance is, the ancient tribes that Mzilikazi found killing each other without a fair, honest and sound Government, still run this country like the ancient tribal template, even after Colonialism civilized us more.

Today's Zanu PF was formed after breaking away from Zapu on a tribal template, they run the country, today on the dictates of tribe. They are good at fighting each other at tribal factions yet they left Zapu on the same ticket. They have never understood, since the days of Mutapa, that tribe is not a good enough template to run a Nation.

"Tribe is elastic, it's stretch cannot be measured in definitive terms, it keeps stretching, creating further and dangerous lengths, until it breaks, hitting the fingers which stretch it."

  Zanu are not afraid to front their leader's tribe in a country which claims to be a diverse Nation.

In a proper Nation, one has to ensure fair distribution of everything making sure that the temptation of tribal bias is non-existent within his Government. One has to fear a Nation, not to frighten it. Nation fearing is a tool of Civilization which advances quality in everything. Pushing one's tribe into all veins of the Nation removes those checks which propel a diverse Nation into extreme competitiveness with other International Nations. Tribe belongs six hundred years behind everyone except Zanu, where tribe was the past, it is the present and will always be the future.

So, Mthwakazi is well satiated with a wealth of experience and a diversity of tribes which we all seemed to enjoy until recently, when half-educated failed form four elements submerged.

Mthwakazi is the only Black Country in the World, where tribal hate should be impossible to practice. If you insult the Tonga within the Ndebele Nation, you risk to loose 2% of Ndebele segment. If you attack the Shona, you risk to loose 70% of Ndebele component. This will happen silently, without anyone saying anything. People will keep quite while you attack their root tribe, but you will get their opinion resoundingly on an election day. If you are so uneducated that you cant even measure the offsideness of your template after an election, then you are really dangerously dull.

 Healthy people will never accept a situation where you openly criticize their origins and uplift your own origin within our diverse Nation of 17 tribes. The era of amaHole has passed on. It's even more mind boggling to learn that the MaHole are the ones on the forefront within our diverse Nation, attacking other AmaHole where we 70% of our Nation originated from.

Our Nation only needs to pass this inferior tribe-traits, otherwise we will become another Zanu tribal grouping where they believe that tribal politics is a magic which will prosper them. In Mthwakazi, we need to unite and fight those deviating elements within us, who are dividing us, and start to find a strong Ndebele Leader who REFUSES TO SEE TRIBE, JUST LIKE JOSHUA NKOMO WAS. Anyone less than a Tribe-blind leader, would NEVER LEAD COMPLEX MATEBELELAND INTO ANY SUCCESS.

Once we identify a tribe-blind Ndebele leader, his blindness to tribe will unite us. He will speak for all of us and enjoy the support of all of us. Under our newfound tribe-blind Ndebele National leader, we would not ask anyone if we want a Mthwaxit or not, our empowered leader would just make a declaration, and our bodies and spirits would fence our country. This would obviously be after failing to convince the Government of Zimbabwe to comply with our demands which threaten our self worthiness, like removing teachers, Police, Judges, Soldiers and  foreign Administrators who live five years in our country and still fail to converse and respect our sweet language.

We would cede operating licences to Companies who fail to prioritize employing our children within our lands. We would invite International Companies to set up on our soil forcing them to teach our people 100% skills to produce what ever product they would be Manufacturing on our soil. We would give full citizenship and rights to anyone who respectfully knocks our doors, with good intent, willing to join and contribute in building our country just as we were taught by King Mzilikazi whose asylum seekers are now fully Ndebele.

We would jail anyone who preaches tribal hate within our Unison since our survival, cohesiveness, being and prosperity depends on a diversity of ancient tribes. Anyone who lives within our Nation, under our permition, would become a full Ndebele National just as one becomes American once they are granted citizenship. It is the weight of our Unity and One-wordedness which will keep foreign saboteurs at bay.

 Our tribe-blind Government would be a magnet which attracts investment into our land. We would watch Zanu led Zimbabwe eliminating each other with the Zezuru tying to come back to freely loot again while the Karanga fight back to have a chance to loot on tribal ticket. The Manyika, Ndau, Korekore and Shangani would lean from us, how to reject tribal and retrogressive Zanu's tribal leadership which does not think outside tribe.

From today onwards, let us identify an Educated tribe-blind Ndebele National, to lead us into success.

Source - Multiverse Dungani
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