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Prolific VP Trio to see MDC score freely in 2023 and beyond!

06 May 2019 at 19:29hrs | Views
It is imperative and inescapable for any objective coach to field the best team for the match regardless of affection or disaffection thereof, for individual players at his or her disposal. In that regard, the MDC's 5th Congress delegates, who are pencilled to grace the prestigious Midlands city of Gweru to elect the party's new leadership from the 24th to the 26th of May 2019, are dutifully expected to choose and field the best possible team of VPs out of the rich array of talent which they are enviably spoilt with.

Like a soccer coach who is spoilt for choice of only three gifted and free-scoring strikers from a pool of great players with technical prowess, the MDC family is spoilt for choice of three VPs from its reservoir of unmatched political talent from the vast pool of eight nominated potential vice presidents. This rich reservoir of manpower boasts of Professor Welshman Ncube, Eng. Elias Mudzuri, Paulina Mpariwa, Tendai Biti, Morgen Komichi, Lynnette Karenyi Kore, Lilian Timvoes and Tracy Mutinhiri. These are great political players with great leadership qualities of which only three should be selected. Faced with such a Herculean task of choosing the best marksmen is an elephant in the house for the individual delegates and or their handlers, the grassroots party membership. Fortunately, the foresighted and rather prophetic  MDC founding president, Dr Richard Morgan Tsvangirai (MHSRIP) left the caricature template and slate, albeit indirectly. All those deliberately wise cannot ignore it. Any digression from vaSave's  basic guideline, whether consciously or subconsciously, will be suicidal for the party and the generality of the disenfranchised and downtrodden grassroots Zimbabweans as it would concretize ZANU PF's dictatorial stranglehold on to power and callously cement the continued  suffering  of ordinary Zimbabweans.

As the MDC family heavily descends on the Congress venue for its potentially explosive and mouth-watering 5th national Congress in Gweru, the delegates and the generality of party faithfuls should be consciously mindful of the visionary initiatives and sacrifices of the departed but immortal Tsvangirai. Before his untimely passing on, the ungrudgingly forgiving Tsvangirai miraculously smoked the peace pipe with his MDC founding colleagues, Ncube and Biti, among others, an unprecedented feat in Zimbabwean politics. The momentous incident is reminiscent of the biblical exploits of a loving father whose unfailing love saw him embrace his previously errant and self-exiled son back home. Ironically, although Zimbabweans are generally known to be allergic to forgiving, the iconic Tsvangirai has led by example and the MDC family should emulate him by fully embracing integration in a balanced manner. In that vein, any runaway attitude with the leadership inheritance by anyone of Tsvangirai's political sons or offspring, whether through hook or crook, will see the titanic people's party go for the dilapidating shipwreck. President Tsvangirai's colourful railroad political crossing signage and markings cannot and should not be ignored by any serious advocate of democracy. Therefore, all delegates are expected to  unencumberedly  vote with a clear conscience as they choose the best three, towing vaSave's clearly delineated pathway. Allowing themselves to be bought by anyone would be diabolic betrayal of the struggle for democracy.

Tsvangirai's Template for Integration

Being the unparalleled and indelibly immortal unifier he was,  the legendary Tsvangirai coined the reunification and reconfiguration of the MDC into the integrative  and broad-based alliance as he selflessly strategized, carved and molded a unique winning formula for the MDC in the 2018 harmonised elections and beyond. Sadly and annoyingly, vaSave could not live to actualize his beautiful and irresistible dream of a free, democratic and prosperous Zimbabwe which, twenty years after the formation of the MDC, still remains a pipedream. Pursuant to that, deductive logic implies that the candidates, in the form of the striking duo of Professor Welshman Ncube and Tendai Biti have been posthumously provided by the immortal and never-dying, Tsvangirai philosophy. What remains, as the current context dictates, is the expert identification of a plausible and befitting female candidate and crafty political player to cap the wonderful and free-scoring VP triangle which will see the rejuvenated MDC  scoop an unassailable runaway victory in the anticipated 2023 plebiscite. Naturally, the befitting name of Amai Lynnette Karenyi Kore comes into the fray!

Although the popular and down-to-earth Tsvangirai probably felt he could leave anytime, he still acted responsibly for the good of the party and the country by skilfully crafting an excellent formula for integration for the MDC. Mindful of the expertise and experience of Professor Welshman Ncube and Tendai Biti, Dr Tsvangirai brought back the then two presidents of their respective political parties, namely the MDC and PDP, respectively. The selfless humility exhibited by the two saw them climb down from the helm of their individual parties to work with Tsvangirai and later, with  the charismatic Nelson Chamisa. The striking compromise by the two principals is a stark semblance of the monumental exploits of Father Zimbabwe, Dr Joshua Nkomo who selflessly and shockingly agreed to be junior to Mugabe through the 1987 Unity Accord forged between the arrogant ZANU PF and PF ZAPU. Biti and Ncube are the leaders of the moment and the future, only requiring the meritorious partnership with the enterprising and workaholic Lynnette Karenyi Kore. This would excellently sum up the MDC quadrilateral of the free-scoring presidium comprising the charismatic Nelson Chamisa, the cool and collected Professor Welshman Ncube, the professionally radical Tendai Biti and the motherly Lynnette Karenyi Kore.

Basic Guiding Principles

Congress delegates are expected to religiously head-clamp their egos by aligning themselves to  the unbending principles and values of democracy, nonracialism, nontribalism, gender equality and parity, nonregionalism and unquestionable selfless patriotism. In that regard, sober-mindedness on the part of the delegates, is desperately called for. Creating a grocery-club VP triangle and presidium of friends, relatives, homeboys and shameless bootlickers will maliciously maul and fatigue the fight for democracy. Congress delegates have no choice but to usher in an able, committed, truly representative, balanced and democracy-oriented integrative presidium. This ideal VP triangle should delineate the true image of multiculturalism and diversity  both in the physical and intangible social spheres in the Zimbabwe context. Academic expertise, government experience, loyalty to democratic dictates, balanced integrative representation and ability in servant leadership should be some of the benchmarks for creating a sharp-shooting VP triangle that will resonate with the grassroots voters in 2023 and beyond, both internally and externally, by attracting the broad pool of undecided freelance voters. This could also win back the vast array of the previously disaffected members of the party who sadly left through a litany of blood-draining splits that have incessantly rocked the party. This could bring back the nostalgic memories of the MDC's glory of yester years.

Therefore, it is inescapably imperative for the 5th Congress to cement and reinforce integration if the MDC is to reinvigorate and fortify itself in readiness for the potentially bruising 2023 plebiscite. The Ncube-Biti-Kore combination could be the perfect bolt-and-nut reply to elusive democracy, runaway inflation and the economic freefall currently pounding Zimbabwe into a disastrous pulp. Kore is the perfect cog in the presidium as she is a tried and tested cadre of immeasurable resilience and brings forth the much-needed feminine and motherly balance which is in tandem with the party's targeted, though elusive 50:50 women and men representation in leadership positions in the party and Zimbabwe at large.


The unending, wailing echoes of Tsvangirai's unequivocal call for inclusive and balanced integration are still bellowing loudly and clearly to those who are not immune to constructive advice. The only plausible posthumous award the Congress delegates can give to the iconic, visionary and foresighted Tsvangirai is the vote for a truly integrated new MDC leadership at all levels of the party including the presidium. Failure to heed the call would be foolhardy, to say the least. It is also noteworthy that riding on the bushfire popularity, charisma and feigned loyalty to Chamisa should never be allowed to prevail over loyalty to the party and its founding democratic principles. Ultimately, it can be confidently asserted that the prolific VP trio of Ncube, Biti and Kore will see the MDC massively score freely and unencumbered in 2023 and even beyond!

'Those who can, let them hear!'

Nhlanhla Moses writes in his capacity as a development planner and can be contacted on:

Source - Nhlanhla Moses
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