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Even if it meant forming a New Party Name, Chamisa would still win Election by 90%.

10 May 2019 at 19:59hrs | Views
Chamisa is a few years younger than me. My probability of becoming a Universally recognised Zimbabwean Opposition leader was much greater than Chamisa's but Chamisa walked the steps of a Hero which I didn't. With his Collage sachet strapped on his back, right in Harare, Chamisa associated with anyone who was fighting against Zanu Government of backwardness.

Chamisa's gates to where he is now, were opening slowly and surely. By surely, I mean, Donald Trump knows his name. Theresa May would not be a Prime minister of Britain if she didn't know the name "Nelson Chamisa". After the death of Morgan Tsvangirai, Universal interest became focussed on who is going to take over the Zimbabwe Opposition Party? Tsvangirai died, but the Philosophy lives on. The Universal answer became "Chamisa".

 Vladimir Putting wouldn't be a knowledgeable President of Russia if he didn't learn the name Nelson Chamisa. Anyone who had a capability to learn the name "Yasser Arafat", wouldn't fail to learn Julius Malema, Jeremy Corbin or Nelson Chamisa.

A vague Court pronunciation trying to pull down the name "Nelson Chamisa", only saves to accelerate his Hero status.

I am one of the millions of Zimbabwean hearts which learnt to like MDC because of Chamisa. Search everywhere, and you will find out that I was an opponent of the MDC because of it's Zanu-like tribal bullying especially after the 2005 split. It takes the effort of seven mountains to change my heart, but, the ascendance of Nelson Chamisa as leader of MDC convinced me in a split of a second.

Chamisa is clean. His hands are clean. He is a young clean boy who has never asked anyone to kill any Zimbabwean on his behalf. I hate War Veterans for failing to get rehabilitated after the Liberation struggle and still rule with their heavy left hand while their right hand is busy killing citizens. I want a Zimbabwe of the future, not one of the past.

In 1977 when we were being educated by War Veterans at Pungwe, we were being promised of a brighter future because the present was bad. That "bad" of 1977 has become worse in 2019, because our War Hero rulers have got no interest in using both their hands to build a futuristic economy. However, their hands are ever-ready, busy to kill dissatisfied Zimbabweans. They have become worse than Ian Smith whom we were fighting in 1977 long before Chamisa was even born.

Chamisa has no memory of Rhodesia. He grew up under the failing leadership of the War veterans who were busy killing Zimbabweans since 1980. At a very tender age, Chamisa was told that Zanu is for blood and its not a joke.

Chamisa did not build his own profile, the red hands of ruling War Veterans built the profile for him. One is always building Chamisa's Hero profile if our currency is devaluating every day. Every day the red-handed War Vets tell us they have signed Mega-deals with China, and we see nothing, they are giving us more reason to value Chamisa. When our people are being shot and killed by Zanu Army, we are reminded to group under Chamisa. Chamisa's value increases when we see Mnangagwa Government exiling Jonathan Moyo the Ndebele and sponsoring Robert Mugabe. We see tribalism in people who told us at Pungwe that they were fighting for equality. When Zipra Freedom Fighters are totally neglected and Zanla Freedom Fighters buried at National Hero's Acre, we begin to see why Chamisa's clean hands are the answer to Zimbabwe.

A Zanu aligned Court pronouncement will only multiply Chamisa's popularity. When you hear Robert Mugabe saying he will vote for Chamisa, you aught to accept that Chamisa is the people's President. MDC is a label exactly the same as saying Rhodesia. If the label is changed, it does not take long to adapt. Chamisa is a boy's name which punctuates a Philosophy of Freedom in Zimbabwe. If Chamisa points at a donkey and tells Zimbabweans to vote for that donkey if they want Freedom from Zanu, the donkey will win against any Zanu candidate in unrigged elections.

So, Chamisa is not only the little boy you see. He is also an Institutionalised Philosophy which is recognised ubiquitously across this Planet. Abusing the Courts to make curious pronouncements will only serve to increase Chamisa's supporters as you will see in the coming days. If Mugabe is begging Chamisa for Freedom, what guarantee do we have that Mnangagwa himself will not die begging for Chamisa's Christian mercy? No one does not like clean hands. Mugabe, the architect of Zanu, fears Zanu murderers today. So does Kasukuwere and 92% of other Zimbabweans who do not know how much bread will cost next month.

Source - Ryton Dzimiri
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