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Zimbabwe needs a serious president

12 May 2019 at 07:14hrs | Views
Prices of commodities, insurances and basic food (basically everything) are skyrocketing but wages remain constant equating to the increase in suffering of the ordinary people. Do we deserve this much suffering, do we? I ask myself this question several times a day. I struggle to answer to find answers but I do see the reality of the suffering mass day in day out. As we suffer this much, the president of the nation continues to globe-troat with expensive chartered flights yet he calls us to bear with him. What a mockery! As if it is enough, he uses the very same expensive chartered airline for a national trip to Bulawayo, just days ago. A real descent man who knows his people are suffering will not behave in such a manner, especially when a country has a well equipped air force that could afford to fly him to Bulawayo. Yet he opts for advanced luxury while his people can't afford to buy bread or even a decent meal for a day. It all comes down to the confidence we can we put in a system and in the one of today, I doubt if we can especially with a president whose priorities are misplaced.  If he can't realize the cost of his acts on the very poor people and business that are paying the tax for all those costs, he does not deserve to be a leader of Zimbabwe. That money can be used for more important things like buying medicine and equipment, refurbishing hospitals etc.  Passports had to be stopped from printing because of the old machines malfunctioning and they can't afford to buy the paper. Ahhh where on earth have you heard of such insanity that a nation stops printing passports due to these reasons. I wonder why the leaders are not ashamed of such poor governance. It does not end there, we have issues of water, chemicals to treat water are in short supply and this has been an ongoing plea for decades yet they do not care about our very basic needs except flying expensive chartered flights. Misplaced priorities and lack of care is what these leaders are made of. We have to stop this insanity before we all suffer from unsustained stress.This is not the leadership we deserve. Zimbabwe deserves better

To add more salt to our wounds, we hear the president wants to compensate white farmers. As shocking as it may sound it looks real. I never heard of anyone talking about compensating the poor farm workers who were utterly lowly paid and some even today. Truth be said, when these  white settlers  colonized our nation, they took the land moved people away on areas they wanted and used us as labour bandits to set up irrigation systems, farming, harvesting etc and now we have to pay them as a thank you for downgrading the nutritional value of the land and for using us a labour servants. In areas of mining, they took the minerals away to their countries for trade and to enrich themselves including the very monarch of England. Yet we have to compensate them. They must be laughing as this insanity. Now you have the money for compensating farmers, yet you don't have money for improving the lives of ordinary people. We have no clean drinking water, we have no access to hospitals, and to those that have, their is no medication. Civil servants are poorly paid and the unemployment rate is above the roof. Really, we need a serious president.

Besides, the issue is not about just removing the old guard in our system and waiting for miracles, we need a plan, a concrete plan to take Zimbabwe forward. Clueless government and its  structures do take our economy into deeper trenches. This is what is happening. The prices of goods and commodities are skyrocketing, their are no controls on the prices nor is the government's word strong enough to warn the producers. It is just like a toothless bulldog barking- no one listens because we all no the leader is no leader.

Since, Mnangagwa took over, we still don't have access to our monies in the banks, we continue to use plastic money, the bollars have just been given a new look but still useless and they continue giving a deaf ear to those outside advising them on better ways to ease the common suffering. An example is various people and stakeholders pushing for us to join the Rand monetary policy. We need this while we move towards dollarization of our economy. You can't introduce a new currency and expect the market confidence to just rise overnight. The government seem not to care that since its inception it has not gained  confidence of the nation, people still keep money out of the norm circulation simply because we can't trust banking institutions. The most cause of this failure in trust is that if one bank USDs and when you withdraw you are blessedly given RTGS, a bollar brother, whose value is weaker on the market. You actually get poorer by each transaction. Simple economics that every Tom, Dick and Harry understands but the government ignores this fact. To make matter worse, a bank exchange rate is not lucrative than the street one nor are they running parallel in order to lure people towards safe means of transactions. Which I think it was there goal but they are hesitant to take it head on.

The street exchange continue to destroy the stabilisation programmes put in place and yet the government can't stop this activity. One wonders whether the main players in this street exchange are not the government or its allies simply because this activity should be history by now. This is the key root of modern corruption and yet the government continues to preach about eradicating corruption but nothing is being done that is tangible. This government has put more ulcers in our suffering. My fellow country men and women, let's wake up, we will all die poor and in misery while the few blood suckers thrive on our suffering.

God bless Zimbabwe.

Dr. Takesure Tazvishaya.

Source - Dr Takesure Tazvishaya.
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