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Daniel Molokele steals the show for the office of MDC Secretary General

14 May 2019 at 09:00hrs | Views
Ongoing caucuses have given congress delegates an opportunity to choose between grain and chuff, I attended the Gweru caucus where prospective candidates had an opportunity to charm and court delegates. Some wasted a lot of time on unpacking their loyalty credentials only and were very short on substance. Whilst loyalty is an indispensable commodity in the foregoing but the mood and the political environment is now naturally dictating that loyalty only without substance is not good enough, this would be typically 'brutum full men', empty thunder in legal palance.

In my strongest view, while a number of candidates impressed me, one office that is of much interest to me is that of the Secretary-General this is the nerve centre of the party. This office is very strategic, it cut across all spheres of the organisation,  it does not require the tried, tested and 'failed'. We have individuals who are gunning for this office whom we have given an opportunity in the same office or any other higher position and could not produce results.

Fellow Congress delegates  I have gone through the CV of one Daniel Molokele , the CV speaks immensely of what we expect from the man, I should admit, I had only gone through his CV and had no opportunity to hear the man speak until the Gweru caucus where he did justice to his credentials.  He outlined what we have always seen to be wrong about the administration of the party, the man  even went on to draw parallels of our catchphrase " 'the party of excellence' "but with  offices with broken windows and to some extent having inhospitable offices, this he said is at variance with what we tout ourselves to be what we are. The unassuming Daniel Molokele, aka Fortune Mguni, proved to be a man of ideas and with the impeccability of his CV in various spheres of life, any rational person could easily tell he is fit for purpose.

Fellow delegates this is an opportunity we have to do justice to our dear party by giving it able leaders, we now need to go beyond simple sloganeering and deal with issues with hindsight and astuteness.

'Daniel Molokele' is presenting to us his micro vision of what is to be good administration of an organisation, you can tell that as an organisation we have lagged behind in terms of adapting to changes administratively and this is one area which we are also rigging ourselves out of possible power.  

Our administrative systems are collapsed and require a man with remarkable commitment to resuscitate them, dear colleagues Daniel Molokele is presenting to us as an able administrator.  He is currently the Member of Parliament for Hwange Central and he has with the party for long. Some of us know him as Fortune Mguni, yes he did change the name to 'Daniel Molokele' but the ability in him remained the same. The gentleman possesses a right temper and he presents to us as a man who is not very ambitious,  who might not want to outgrow the limitations of his call in the office of the Secretary-General.

It will be an injustice not to give Daniel an opportunity to  showcase his skills as espoused by his impeccable history of initiating and running organisations. Daniel combines loyalty with skills and this is his advantage, he is a lawyer of some repute.

'Vote for Daniel Molokele for the post of Secretary General'

*These views are that of the writer and is not the position of Midlands Youth Assembly, but my wish is to share my optics and have us act in unison to give the party an able administrator in the mould of Daniel Fortune Molokele

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