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Jerry-cans at fuel pumps must be banned

15 May 2019 at 08:21hrs | Views
If what I witnessed at Puma Chadcombe Service Station is how the scarce fuel is being sold and dispensed, then bona fide motorists will never have adequate fuel, neither will fuel be ever enough.

The queue for cars waiting for fuel was hardly moving yet the queue for those with jerry-cans was a to and fro affair, buying, decanting and back to the pump for more fuel.

It was a rollercoaster of money changing hands and the deep pocketed paying for double dipping. Those with jerry-cans get the first preference in the queue and familiarity is very visible with pump attendants signalling to those with jerry-cans to hurry up.

You see a car in queue being fuelled from a jerry-can and still proceeding to get more at the pump. Why do we do such things as if others are not worth a life of motoring.

Pump attendants are working in complicity with those carrying jerry-cans to obtain fuel that will be sold later at the black market with some being hoarded for selling later.

I think its time government consider opening up fuel procurement so those with free funds can bring in fuel, prices of fuel may rise momentarily but will quickly stabilise as supplies exceed demand.

Things as they are, the middle men will continue to sing hallelujah and the jerry-can guy is somersaulting towards the bank. We are brothers and sisters why step on someone's shoulders to reach higher?

Gabarinocheka. Cranborne. Harare.

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