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Chief Ndiweni's life in danger time now ripe for citizens' intervention

15 May 2019 at 15:17hrs | Views
I used to undermine the supernatural powers of God but after the confrontation between ZANU PF youths and a defenseless Chief Ndiweni I am over-confident that God is the savior for the oppressed and downtrodden. If it was not because of God's powers, ZANU PF youths were going to kill Chief Ndiweni by fire on 15 May 2019. According to the media the murderers (ZANU PF youths) wanted to seize the Chief's car that he was given by the government. There are also allegations that the youths used a jerry-can to spray fuel on Chief Ndiweni's car. When they were about to kill him after spraying fuel on his car God intervened.

This piece seeks to support the truth that Chief Ndiweni's life is in danger and call for citizens to contribute money to a fund that can be used to buy a new car for Chief Ndiweni (so that he can return back the ZANU PF bloody car and serve the Zimbabweans freely). ZANU PF and its government are using the cars bought buy taxpayers' money to silence Chief Ndiweni and other Chiefs. Zimbabweans should purchase a new car for the Chief in order for him to serve the Zimbabweans without fear and favor.

The attempted murder on Chief Ndiweni's life is coming after his hard stance against the Gukurahundi exhumations that are currently under way. Attempted murder is coming following the Chief's hard stance against President ED Mnangagwa and his government. Chief Ndiweni is also alleged to be among the Chiefs from Matabeleland who are against the projects championed by the first lady in the area. I am strongly convinced that the Chief is a victim of his hard and democratic stance against the undemocratic ZANU PF government. Time is up for the government to stop silencing Chiefs by cars bought by the taxpayers' money.

I know that ZANU PF is likely to distance itself from their youths who wanted to kill Chief Ndiweni today but I am 268.9% convinced that the youths were ZANU PF members send by their leaders to kill the Chief. The fact that they wanted to use fire to kill the Chief and burn his car resonates with ZANU PF methods of killing their enemies. Talent Mabika and Chiminya were burned to deaths by ZANU PF people in Manicaland. The Dairy Newspaper was once petrol bombed by alleged ZANU PF youths. General Mujuru was reduced to less than 10kgs by fire alleged to be linked to his enemies from the party. His body was burned to ashes but the carpet underneath was still intact. There are quite a number of cases of fire related deaths alleged to have been caused by ZANU PF linked people even the former Chipangano leader Jim Kunaka testified to this.

It is shocking that neither the ZANU PF party nor the government has commented on the attempted murder of the Chief by the alleged ZANU PF youths. VANONGOTI DENO RWAFA (they do not care about the Chief's life).

To my fellow Zimbabweans, time has come for us to call a spade a spade and not a hoe. There is need for the citizens to buy new cars for Chiefs around Zimbabwe in order to stop ZANU PF and government from terrorizing them. ZANU PF government should stop politicizing government institutions. The Chiefs should not be silenced by cars. I hope the opposition party should take this idea, they should mobilize citizens so that cars for Chiefs should be provided direct from the citizens. It is embarrassing for a party like ZANU PF to use government cars to silence Chiefs.

To Chief Ndiweni, I urge you to return that (car) to government or ZANU PF now. If he is not careful, that car will take him to heaven. It is better for the Chief to use public trains and transport rather than using a grave car. The ZANU PF youths are requesting for their car and Chief Ndiweni should give back to Caesar what belongs to him. There are plenty of deaths related to car accidents of ZANU PF officials since 1980. I am warning the Chief that it is better to die by Cholera rather than unexplained accidents.

To ZANU PF youths, you must come out clean on the allegations of Chief Ndiweni's attempted murder. Their party killed 20,000 brothers, sisters and children of Chief Ndiweni during the moment of madness and they now want to finish him off. It will not work?

To the government, you have failed the Zimbabweans, I am ashamed to have heartless leaders like you. How can you embarrass a Chief reputable like Ndiweni? Is it because he is a Ndebele? The government should tolerate divergent views rather than criminalize them. Zimbabweans need your explanation about this skirmish.

Don Chigumba can be found on twitter @Donchigumba

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Source - Don Chigumba
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