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Khupe is dancing Nobert Kunonga music

18 May 2019 at 08:44hrs | Views
Not so long ago the Anglican Church in Zimbabwe had tasted abhorrent deep factional fights pitted embattled cleric Bishop Nobert Kunonga and the then incumbent Chad Gandiya cabal. Kunonga, a stan Mugabe supporter, was up in arms with the Anglican Church leadership following the expiry of his term in the diocese. With the aid from government and Zanu-PF, Kunonga tomented the smooth running of the affairs of church by unleashing violence and police officers against opponents using church premises that saw injuries on innocent congregants. He fought tooth and nail to gain control of the church assets, which was the centre of the infights, and he triumphed against his foes physically as police waded in his favor against the law. In those skirmishes Kunonga looted church property revenue as well as thrusting the image of the church into disrepute.

After the demise of his marriage with Zanu-PF, the centre could not hold for Nobert Kunonga since the source of his strength was uprooted. He laterally lost everything in the courts and ground something which was uneasy for his opponents during their good days with Mugabe.

Similarly, we have the MDC Alliance saga with former VP Thokozani Khupe who now leads the other splinter group MDC-T. Khupe is fighting to take control of party assets after she was outsmarted by Nelson Chamisa in the battle for presidency when founding president Morgan Tsvangirai succumbed to colony cancer in February 2018. Though the two seemed striking modus vivendi by contesting in the national plebiscite using different bearers, the is no ceasefire yet because one faction got outright control of party assets and the mass support. In this case, Khupe stands to be the biggest loser who now took aim at the recent High court ruling to retain at a significant share of the party assets.

The former VP knows very well that the repercussions might be distasteful if she fights a lone battle with the party of millions as such she is behaving the Kunonga way - conniving with the ruling party agents who can

But what this Khupe cabal ought to know is that this is a political game that might overturn at any given moment. For the benefit of doubt the party assets can't be looted on broad daylight hence Khupe must tread very careful because the millions of MDC supporters are all over even in her own house. Her house maid won't let the boss loot, vandalise or disturb the futuristic party without repercussions.


Common sense must teach Khupe & Gutu to separate grievances from party assets because the two can't mix. Of course, Khupe might have been booted out unprocedurely or unfairly but she knows where and how grievances are solved in the party she led for too long. For those respects, Khupe has no locus standi whatsoever to grab, loot or disturb the MDC assets simply because she has an unsolved grievance.

Nelson Chamisa is a raison d'ĂȘtre in the party brought by both Khupe and Tsvangirai who by then where leaders of the party. From student politics at HIT, Chamisa with the aid of Khupe and Tsvangirai rose to prominence in the youth assembly to the presidency where he is now, is a leader without questionable credentials in the country. He has keenness, zeal, dexterity and versitility equal enough to steer the change agenda the entire nation desires, whoever perverting or acting as an albatross automatically becomes an enemy of the people. Khupe knows that much better than any one else in her cabal but here she is trying to act voodoo politics, which is of no substance at all.

History has it that Nobert Kunonga's nexus with Zanu-PF ended in huff because the leopard does not change its spot. Once enemy remains an enemy. Zanu-PF for that matter knows that Khupe is opposition at heart only that she lost love with her people otherwise she remains opposition. Therefore she won't be trusted any more.


In the company of Biti and Mangoma, Khupe envisaged leadership renewal plan which was handed to Tsvangirai at his Stratevan house in 2014, virtually that plan drove the second split of the movement after Tsvangirai shot it down despite a lucrative package entrenched. Thanks to widow Elizabeth Macheka aka Tsvangirai who unmasked the plan over a phone call to Nelson Chamisa, the former premier's blue eyed boy, who raised the alarm decimated the plan before Tsvangirai penned it.

Umdala Tsvangirai was almost selling out the struggle over a million dollar package supported by Roy Bennet and many others. For the avoidance of doubt the plan flattered soon after Chamisa intervention. Tsvangirai backed down because he had trust in whatever Chamisa says. On this one, Chamisa knew that the plan was a product of Zanu-PF, with an absolute aim of placing a weaker candidate for the movement which was giving Mugabe sleepless nights.

By then Chamisa was not against leadership renewal but the way the plan was devised places the party at the precipice because Khupe was to take charge pending for an elective Congress 2 years later. Chamisa knew the weaknesses of madame Khupe and the team fostering the renewal plan, so he rubbished it. Of course, it was not a genuine plan but a conspiracy one bent to obliterate the people's cause. If it was, Chamisa argued, why isolating other members of the standing committee in the first place. No reasonable answer was placed before Tsvangirai and Chamisa as such matters came to light for "Save" to see that even Khupe herself was not straightforward despite efforts to distance herself from the renewal plan.


Even Tendai Biti knew that Khupe was also angling for the presidency alongside Engineer E. Mudzuri, Elton Mangoma and himself. An agreement was never achieved leading to the 4 in serious conundrum. Khupe at last distanced herself from the plan that saw Mangoma, Biti and others facing the boot.

Chamisa was very instrumental, steadfast and unwavering to the security of Tsvangirai in the wave of almost half of the standing committee members changing sides a day after the other. At Mandel, most bigwigs were hopeful that the numbers would forcibly dethrone Tsvangirai but unfortunately the plan yielded no results because Chamisa, as current organising secretary, forged a strong resistance with the two main wings of the party which is the youth league and women Assembly. Together, Tsvangirai survived the chop, instead it was those wielding the axe whose stay at the movement was shortened. "Save" survive was the second of such an incident where die hards comrades turned against a popular leader whose following superseded that of the party itself, meaning that of all MPs and councillors.


It's a matter of fact that Zimbabwe is not yet ready for a female leader for now. Some would want to rubbish this assertion but the reality on ground is enough testimony that we are not ready for one and I can safely say that again. We are not, whether some criticize us a million times or even call us all sorts of names that doesn't change anything. The ground so far is for the masculine that is why focus is on ED and Nelson Chamisa not umama Khupe or mai Mujuru. So any attempt to paste the Nobert Kunonga style will brought more trouble for umama Khupe and I doubt if she can stand the heat. By the way Zimbabwe politics is very rough such that the likes of umama Khupe won't survive a minute.

Had she ever been to hwahwa prison since her time in the people's movement. None. So it will be a lie to portray as if Khupe is the ALPHA of the party because there are so many dedicated cadres out there who are yet to taste power in the party they fought for. Thank God, Khupe and others had their chance and gone are those days. However they are not willing to give others the cake as if they are only indispensable more than others. Too greedy. Self aggrandizement, cronyism and kleptocracy is their DNA, for that matter they would not leave anything to chance.

But demonstrating arrogance against the party MDC will not suffice us, in fact, it generates more enemies than friends because this movement is our last resort. The party is a remnant spring in the desert at which all relay on.

At least Abednico Bhebe got it right by begging former comrades to close ranks and reunite for the purposes of dislodging the Zanu-PF hegemonic government dilapidating our economy. Fine, whether they take it or leave it, the party assets are out of the battle for positions because it remains property of the people not the power hungry individuals who are crying for cynicism. Be warned, the party is much bigger than individuals.


Reading the judgement thoroughly one would finds that the court never gave Khupe anything, it was just an encouragement to uphold the party constitution, which is already on track under Nelson Chamisa. The choice of who leads remains the preserve of the followers of that party not the aspirant(s), so anyone purporting to see the judgement as a way of sneaking to the presidency is dump founded, nincompoop, and b00b. Those misconstrue to it are just gloating for a return to the party they deserted through the backdoor, something that contravenes the same judgement itself. They ought to take note of the party ethics that any nauseates worth outright dismissal whether its the President, VP or Chairperson, the party won't hesitate to show you the exit door even in the presence of your 1000 plus lawyers. We will push you out. Hence dreaming for February 2014 structures is as good as dreaming one day Robert Gabriel Mugabe as President of Zimbabwe. Very good mind boggling. Khupe now leads her own party therefore no court order will take her to another party. If it happens then Ian Daglous Smith can be restored as President of Rhodesia-Zimbabwe for the next 100 years.

Obert Gutu must eat humble pie and stay at his chambers dreaming the futuristic disaster looming at his law firm owing to his wayward twitter rants that might likely scare away clients. He is forgetting that clients need brilliant lawyers who give sound advice not the likes of Gutu whose celebration on the coming of man from the sun startled even his mom. Kuteya nzou neriva. A clear waste of time and resources.

Whether he talks good English, his fate in the standing committee of the party was sealed, better wait for another day, for now there is no room. Diatribes and vicious rants are simple charades with very little or no significance to the current caliber at the helm. Nonetheless, an owl does not have horns. This is genuine politics of Zimbabwe, Mr Gutu. Musazvigure makumbo semhashu, youthful lawyer Nelson Chamisa is on the driving seat - is there to stay much longer and he has the guts to drive the change-train. Nevertheless, he can't leave chiefly because Khupe & Gutu are suffering from hypertension or phobia the day after being chucked at Morgan Richard Tsvangirai House, no. The young man is the darling of the hungry masses, his eloquence, business acumen, strategic skilling, astuteness and circumvention worth him to be where he is. Whoever fighting him is busy putting the cart before the horse, that won't yield anything. The change wagon is moving, forward ever in the eyes of Khupe & Gutu until they see the light.


As the congress temperament heats up the noisy becomes louder each day as aspirants canvass for support from the delegates. Spills and thrills are the rules of democracy the world over, it will be problematic for those who can't accept whichever outcome - like in any contest there emerges winners and losers.

No time to waste, the chickens are coming home to roast, in Gweru there shall be gnashing of teeth as few Khupe remnants shall be shown the boot. MDC igungwa irokusvipa hauworerimo, they shall come back to Harare as card carrying members - to be stripped from current positions to ordinary members as a way of giving them room to repent. Bhebe knows very well the magnanimity character of MDC family one day you can be remembered.

Of late, kusapaparika kwakamuunzira pundutso (a reformed Bhebe got remembered by Tsvangirai in the first split, only to resurface as organising secretary, a position he lost following their waywardness with Khupe). God help Mr Bhebe, this time he won't squander that precious opportunity. Two bitten thrice shy. Bhebe is fasting and praying for God's interventions to recuperate his political life because the party they formed on social media has no followers except him, Khupe, Gutu and nowhere Nyikadzino. For the record, it was an extraordinary Congress in fulfilment to the court order but because the structures of February 2014 declined to show up in Bulawayo she is pushing for the second extraordinary Congress with the assistance of constitutional lawyer and opposition leader, tutor to that matter, Prof Lovemore Madhuku, a commissioner. We shall wait and see how the law Professor shall do to implement the court judgement in the interest of his client together with the tenets of the judgement itself given that the person has ceased to be the leader of the February 2014 structures, which is also no more, when she convened her own extraordinary Congress in 2018 where she was ordained substantive leader, VP Obert Chaurura Gutu, Spokesperson Linda Masarira, Chairperson Bhebe, SG Nyikadzino.


The party must do away with the cancer of lawyerism that is fast gaining roots from the top to bottom. MDC is a party of the poor, established by the suffering workers, students, churches and civic organizations with the sole aim of restoring democracy and good governance in the country which was ruined by Mugabe & cronies.

However what we see today is very dangerous on the movement whose bone & spine is from the suffering masses. The kindergarten lawyers abusing the law for selfish interests must be expelled forthwith. No olive branch for such political nonentities with no history in the movement, we want dedicated cadres to emerge winners in Gweru so that this "abusive lawyerism" be expunged.

MDC never came from the courts or law dictionaries, ask comrades at ZCTU, ZINASU and Teachers to mention a few they can give us a good lecture over the ideals of the party not what we heard from Thokozani Khupe and Obert Gutu. Its a palpable charade from power-mongers who know nothing about the party. Leadership is earned not forced. Ironically, one can't earn followers through the courts or law dictionaries, never. MDC is a labor-based party not a lawyers' party or a judiciary orgy.

The party likes every right-minded person to lead, including lawyers, but we don't like them to use their law prowess to kill the "common cause". How bad it is to see these renegade lawyers sweating at the courts fighting for positions when the nation is struggling to find the big brains that can help recuperate the economy. How can we stop the rampant inflation, a menacing savaging our little earnings? Gutu has no answer with regards to inflation but knows how to disturb a Congress for another political party. How then can he gets voted by the suffering people with such mentality.

Advocate Nelson Chamisa, a lawyer of course, must do us favour protecting the integrity of the party since he understands its cause, many died for. He joined the party without law credentials. From  students activism to opposition politics, he must wary against power-hungry lawyers, those that take most of their time studying the law to usurp power in order to earn a good living. Those with hordes of law dictionaries in their shelves yet with no records of the masses killed for our emancipation. Those that shade tears for positions but rather smile in the midst of our grave yards attacking our killers for them to get air tickets to Paris, London, Munich or Washington DC using donor funds. Tana, povo yaramba. Tsvangirai was not a lawyer by profession but a brave trade Unionist with people at heart. We wish Advocate Nelson Chamisa to carry on with the struggle thick and thin, if it requires him to strip the law jacket, let it be. The law profession is second fiddle to our struggle, remove it for people's sake. Tsvangirai succeeded because he listened more from the people than the courts. He knew where power derives - the people or the courts, Chamisa should choose the right path soon than later. But my wise advice is to always side with the suffering masses for change is something that can only be delivered through selfless sacrifice and hard work, it can only be delayed but rather unavoidable.

Source - Benny Gudo
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