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'Hands off flea markets' ZANU PF Youth leader warns

19 May 2019 at 10:31hrs | Views
They say a fish rots from the head and indeed the MDC whose leadership is disputed is rotten to the marrow. The foreign sponsored opposition movement is fast degenerating into a renegade organization whose sole purpose is to illegally unseat a constitutionally elected government.

Unsurprisingly, with a leadership bereft of ideas and with a propensity to corruption and other vile vices, the city of Harare that has dismally failed to deliver service intends to remove competent people from positions of authority as well as carry a diabolical witch-hunt to remove small to medium enterprises that are anti-their organization whether Zanu PF supporters or anyone who holds divergent views. That is pure rank madness which exposes further that the opposition is led by individuals seeking self advancement and personal aggrandizement.

Under the New Dispensation we have no place or space for ranking behaviour or partisan politics. While we are tolerant to diverse political views and beliefs we differ fundamentally with the opposition inclination to work with our detractors and also attempts to sabotage the economy as well as attempts to impoverish masses running flea markets and other businesses in urban areas. As the vanguard of the ruling party Zanu PF let it be known by the clueless and reckless leadership of MDC that we are prepared to defend our interests and those of the generality of the people with blood. An audit of SMSs in Harare or any other city should never be a passage for political expediency but rather a transparent exercise to benefit the broad masses never mind political affiliation.

Since getting into offices the so-called Harare City fathers have engaged in primitive looting, allocating for themselves residential and business stands, buying expensive vehicles at the expense of service delivery.

Today, because of the MDC unprecedented and out of this world failures, the once sunshine city has been reduced to a heap of rubbish, with no water and deplorable service delivery. The city eptomises failure and also exposes the incompetence of the opposition to run anything, let alone the whole country.

We are aware of the nefarious plans by the Chamisa led MDC to spark anarchy in the country through sowing seeds of disillusionment and that evil plan has its epicenter in Harare.

The MDC should not put its corrupt hands on flea markets otherwise we will storm Harare City Council offices and expose their shenanigans. We have overwhelming evidence of the MDC corrupt tendencies in allocation of market stalls and soon the law will take its course. We call upon the Ministry responsible for local authorities to investigate these satanic activities which are being executed in order to plant thugs and mafia groups at the expense of other law abiding citizens.

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