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Dedication to Cde Dabengwa

24 May 2019 at 08:01hrs | Views
To Cde DD, my hero.

Now that you have decided to take a bow and rest, I hope  you will choose to lie next to your family, friends and comrades right among the people you sacrificed your youth and life for.

I hope you will help redefine true heroism that is recognised not by authority but by  your people, your brothers and sisters, the elders and children in the community you lived-the hero who lived alongside his people, who will be buried by his own and whose bones will lie among his peoples bones, not in some exclusive cemetery alongside those who looted from the people while they were alive and continue to loot from the people in their death.

While the children of the poor fought in the trenches, theirs went to universities in the west, they lived in comfort in the cities in Lusaka and Maputo, while  the poor toiled in the battlefront.

After the war they lived in state houses and palatial homes, drove  around in German luxury cars while the people sat 4x4 in kombis driving on dilapidated roads.

In death they lie in an exclusive estate overlooking all the people, where the people are supposed to worship them and commemorate their filthy lives.

Sometimes I wish one day the real people put dynamite on their graves, dig up their filthy bones and build a children's park in that hilly space.

It's coming  but you, my hero ,won't be dishonored with the children of snakes because you will not be in the company of thieves, murderers, looters, rapists and straight faced liars for you chose to stand with the people, live with the people and you shall lie amongst the people.

Gen Lookout Masuku, your friend,  is lying among the people. Let his and your examples be the light and inspiration to all our heroes. Let all our remaining heroes choose to lie right beside Gen Masuku, like Charles Grey did-among the people with the people and laid to rest by the people.

Let us honor you forever and ever. Let the people's history engrave your name and memory in our hearts.  Hard to take as it is,  we all stand in awe of a giant who gave so much so others could live more meaningful lives. That is heroism. Sacrifice.

Those who stood against the freedom you sought for all must hang their heads in shame.

Your Truly
Iphithule Thembani KaMaphosa

Source - Iphithule Thembani KaMaphosa
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