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Unknown secrets about Dabengwa

26 May 2019 at 00:04hrs | Views
It was in 2007 when l had four consecutive dreams about the same thing: l was talking to Dr Joshua Nkomo& he instructed me to go to Silobela&meet an old man from the Moyo clan& to deliver a message. After a few weeks l met elder Moyo's two daughters& they connected me with him. Upon my arrival,at elder Moyo's place, l found an ex-Zipra cadre named Mavalangezenge coming all the way from Nkayi& he was also there on a similar mission.l later learnt that khulu Moyo was a descendent to Mambo Chilisamhulu& his clan had played a pivotal role in the cultural issues during the liberation struggle& that they weworked closely with Dr Joshua Nkomo on those issues. That saw me joining hands with Mr Moyo to visit Chief Malisa,the Nkomo family, where we managed to see Ms Thandi Nkomo but we did not see Mr Sibangilizwe as he was said to be at the farm.

Our second trip to Bulawayo we met the late cde Welshman Hadane Mabhena who was busy with the Mhlahlo Wesizwe sikaMthwakazi project together with the late Chief Khayisa Ndiweni, cde Maduma etc. We also went to see cde Dumiso Dabengwa at his MZWT offices. We found him with cde John Maluzo and ugogo uThenjiwe Lesabe. Elder Moyo delivered the message to cde Dumiso Dabengwa. Khulu Moyo also told him about his dream that will be Zapu revived and that he cde DD will lead it but for a period of time and it was done so for a purpose. Cde Dabengwa was at that time busy with Mavambo Dawn Kusile project, of which he was surprised how Zapu could be revived and how he could be the president of that party, he felt the young should take a lead and not him hence he lamented," Kambe Magugu lina abatsha lifuna ngilikhulule kangaki?(How many times Magugu should l free you the young?) Please take a lead& free yourselves." This statement he later used it so many times in his addresses. He was just cool& allowed cde Maluzo and Lesabe to lead the discussions and he will interject with a few questions. However, the three agreed that, "balayo imilandu emalindeni lobaba uNkomo."( They had obligations at the shirines with Dr Nkomo).

Since l had a cellphone, all the messages from cde Dabengwa to khulu uMoyo came through me. He called us a year later on December 4 2008 & invited us to his offices and informed us that Zapu was being revived. That's when l found myself involved in Zapu activities. I worked under his close supervision in different structures and departments ie I worked with the youth, Midlands province& later elected into National People's Council at the 2010 congress. I also worked with khulu Moyo and Zipra veterans in cultural and community activities also in that committee there was the late Rtd Cl Ray Ncube, Rtd Cl Sijabuliso Dabengwa, Ex-Zipra commanders: Cde Themba Khanye, Cde Cetshwayo Sithole, Cde Baster Magwizi, Cde Headman Gumbo, cde Virginia Dube etc, we all reported to cde DD as he was affectionately known. I was also in the publications where l worked with Dr Strike Mnkandla, Cde Loreen Ncube, Advocate Stephen Nkiwane, Dr Dlodlo, Rtd Major Patron Nketha etc and we reported to cde DD.
l also was in the think tank advising cde DD& Zapu in general.

Cde DD would keep quiet during discussions and when making a contribution, he will do so talking slowly and carefully choose his words(His hallmark) He will, at times call me, ask me to carry some researches for him and will read my contribution carefully and just say," Thank you." I will go back to Kwekwe wondering whether l did a good job or not. I later realised that when he said thank you he was meaning you have done a good job& if he says," Ok, fine sizabona." He meant your job was not at its best. I learnt a lot of things from him ranging from military, economic& politically, and times l will arrange private meetings for him and his deputy cde Emelia Mkaratirwa with different stakeholders, ranging from priests, pastors, consultancy, chiefs etc, in most cases l was assisted by senior party members like Mr& Mrs J Dube. He respected me even when l was far far younger than him& when leaving his offices or home will escort us to the gate or outside the gate. He was full of tactics like one day we were coming from a rally in Gokwe, going to address the second one in Zhombe, he quickly switched cars and got into another small one where l was being driven by Dr Ndebele. He latter booked us all at the Midlands hotel but am hour later he woke me up, with cde Richard 'Gedi' Dube( an ex-Zipra instructor), cde Mkhwananzi& we went on to book at Village lodge where we slept, with the rest of the crew without knowing it. In the morning cde Mhodi& Gogo Lesabe had their bags stolen& he jocked by saying," bhassop abafana beZanu bazitshontshile khona bezazifaka imbhobho bathi sibanjwe sile arms cache futhi."

One day we had a rally at Stanely Square, l was in the crowds, l dont know how he spotted me inside a crowd of 2000 pple, he asked cde Ngozo to go call me, twice cde Ngozo came telling him that he had not seen me, cde Dabengwa jokingly told cde Ngozo that he(Ngozo) was too old to see and if not therefore it means his eyes had seen a lot of things more than his age could see hence he was being blind. During that day he asked me to make an arrangement to go to Gokwe to see a certain chief. During that trip we asked two Zapu senior members from Midlands to escort us and he came driving himself, quickly switched cars and put on an old cap to disguise himself perhaps. We left using one car and in the car he would crack jokes, lecture us about the beneficiation of cotton and other products in Zimbabwe. Although some people thought he was too quiet, he was a man with sense of humour. One day in his office he asked me why l didnt study law and become a lawyer like B Elliot. Later he commented," Ngesibindi engilaso nga ngangile intelligence kaMagugu ngangingasoke ngehlulwe ngokufana lokhuya." Gogo Lesabe asked him," Okufana kuphi bhudi?" He answered," OkuMugabe." He left everyone in stitches. He will tell us about his childhood days, that, when a car passed through, they will remain closing their noses&, lamenting, " imota le isuzile(This car has puffed).

One last thing he disclosed when l asked about arms caches said they hid to topple Mugabe. He narrated that they never hid any weapons, as they declared all the ordinance they had save for MK weapons& that some weapons were planted by Zanu, hence they refused Zipra commanders to confirm the weapons discovered. He went on to say that cde Fredric Charles Mutanda aka Chilies(a senior Zipra officer) was left in Zambia preparing all the military ordinance to be surrendered to the government of Zimbabwe, of which he did and Zanla did not. Thats when Zanla turned against them and made such false claims. He said he retired from army and handed over his uniforms after Mugabe appointed Solomon Mujuru his junior to be his commander that was against the military code so he resigned.

A man full of wisdom, full of vision, misunderstood by many but spend time with him you start veiwing him differently. He knew our history from pre-mfecane up to present. He was a smiling soldier but was fearless and fond to see justice prevail. He will tell you how he challenged Mugabe at Goromonzi Congress held by Zanu. Having a heart of a lion, we as 1893MRM never thought that he will go so soon living the entire Mthwakazi region without the best military intelligence brains.

Hamba kahle qhawe lethu.RIP! You Constructed& re-constructed history&noone will ever wish that history away.

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